Friday, October 7, 2011

Playoffs, the NL Division Series - Game 5- Cards @ Phils

The Phils have to win tonight.
It will be a terrible end to the season if they lose. The 102 wins will mean NOTHING.
Not winning and having Cliff Lee pitch in only one game will be a gigantic disappointment.
Anyone can complain all you want about Ryan Howard for the terrible series he has had after game one, but you can look right at Lee for the awful game two in which he coughed up a four run lead.
Roy Halladay is a world class future hall of fame pitcher. I expect him to pitch that way tonight.

Here we go again. hallway gets behind Furcal and he smacks a triple.
He should have been out but Victorino missed the first cutoff.

Not the ideal start, and He's not getting the call on the outside corner.
Shoemaker doubles and it's already 1-0.
Pujols plops a ball that drops in front of Utly but Shoemaker holds up at second then on a delaynruns to third but Utley threw him out at third.
A wild pitch sends Pujols to second.
Already three runners get in scoring position.
Over 20 pitches already too.

Now on a foul ball Berkman is sent to first because his follow through catches Ruiz glove.

This is going to be a tough uphill game for them to win.

He is struggling in The first inning.

The Brewers just won their game in The tenth inning so they move on to the winner of this game.

Halladay struggling in the first inning all the time just doesn't make sense to me.
The strike zone is very tight for him especially the low corners.
Phils go in order in their half.

Howard leads off the second by swing at the first pitch. It was what they call a back footer. A curve or slider that goes right toward the batters back foot. He missed it by a mile then grounds out.

It's a shame the way he is playing in this series.

This team was at their best after getting Pence and putting him behind Howard. I know Polanco can't hit right now but I still want to see Pence moved back there from the three spot.
Victorino doubled after Howard grounded out but Ibanez popped up for the second out.
Polanco who is killing the bottom of the lineup weakly grounded out.

Ruiz just flied out and now he is 1-15 in this series.
Rollins needs to pop one out.
Nope he didn't run it out because he thought it was foul and now the team is getting booed.

Halladay is pitching great now, why doesn't he do this in the first inning.

Utley leads off the fourth with a hit by pitch but then Pence grounds into a force out.
Howard tries to get ahead and swings at the first pitch. It wasn't a bad pitch to it but Howard jammed himself and hump back liner to second that Pence was way off the back and almost got doubled up?

Ok Shane singles and sends Pence to third for Ibanez.
They just need to get more then one or two hits in a single inning, now is the chance to do it.

Not this inning. Raul got toma full count but he flied a ball that was a coup,e feet short of the wall in right, three outs.

Another odd play in the Cards half of the fifth. Lead off hit for stinking Nick Punto. Carpenter tries to bunt with two strikes but it bounces right in front of the box. Ruiz grabs it before it can go foul and throws to second for one out, carpenter never moved so Rollins walked a bit towards first and tossed over for the dp.

It's hard for me to see it because they're losing and because I'm watching this game with a rooting interest but I imagine this is a great game to watch from an outsiders perspective.

Despite the rotten first inning Halladay has only given up one run and has kept the Phils in it.

Carpenter has had a really good curve tonight and we all know how tough it is for the Phils to hit curve balls.

They look defeated in the dugout. No one is looking like they are excited or anything.

Ok Utley gets on after Rollins grounds out in the sixth inning. It's getting late they better do something real soon.

Oh my goodness, Utley is called out on a super close play trying to steal second. Would it kill TBS to show a replay on that to give us a closer look.

Pence grounds out. They don't look like The champion team they are supposed to be.

Nine outs for the Phils to score some runs or it's all over.

I changed the channel and will go with only the radio broadcast until the Phils get runs or the game is over.

Howard swings 3-0 to lead off the seventh and lines out. Why, WHY is he swinging 3-0? That is shocking.
They go in order, six outs left.

Carpenter leads of the eighth with a hit.

Furcal bunts and Ruiz tried to throw to second but it was a bad throw and now first and second no outs.

This is going to be about it if they score.

They bunt again and apparently there was a play at third but Polanco throws to first for the first out. They walk Pujols to have a force at any base to get to Berkman.

This is just sad.
The fans are trying to get loud but with the rally towel thing it's got to be hard to be really loud.

He strikes out Berkman and now Matt Holliday.

He gets Holliday to fly out. There is still a chance. Two inning left.
Polanco grounds a weak ball to short for then third time tonight.

Furcal robs Ruiz, he dove and knocked down a hit up the middle and threw out Ruiz.

Gload swings and misses a a third strike but it was in the dirt and the throw to first pulls Pujols off the bag.

In what is probably Jimmy Rollins last ab as a Phillie he hits a ball back through the middle. It hit Carpenter in the leg and ounces to the second baseman and he throws Rollins out by a step. Three out left.

Gload batted for Halladay so I guess Madson will come in for the ninth.

THis it it the bottom of the ninth, Utley, Pence and Ryan Howard.

Utley killed a ball that went all the way to the fence just in front of the bullpen but John Jay ran it down. Two left.

Pence grounds out. One left.
Larry Andrson is trying to keep it positive but. It just doesn't help.

Howard grounds out to Nick Punto as he fell down running to first and seems to have really hurt himself.

Chris Carpenter out pitched Roy Halladay.
Ruiz and Polanco were 3-35 for the series. Cliff Lee choked up a four run lead in game two. Oswalt stunk in game four.

I didn't expect the season to end this way. I don't want to feel this way but I can't help to feel like it's the same old Phils, still.

See you next year, again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Playoffs, the NL Division Series - Game 4 - Phils @ Cards

Today's game starts out Greta for the Phils.
Rollins leads off with a double that the center fielder couldn't see.
Utley hits triple to core Rollins. Pence singles in Utley.
The bad is that Howard strikes out looking on a hit and run that Pence was called out on even though he was safe. So after three hits and two runs is two really quick outs.
Victorino popped out to left for the third out.

In the bottom of the first Roy Oswalt finally gets the leadoff hitter out on a strike out. A single was next but after a long ab Pujools popped up.

The Cards put Matt Holliday in the game today even though he has a bad finger. They said the finger will be completely numb.

Berkman just smoked a ball that hit the wall in right center, it bounced right to Victorino but when he tried to catch it and throw it his right foot slipped and Shane dropped the ball allowing Berkman to get to third. Holliday grounds out.

That was a crazy first inning, especially with that fall down thing Victorino did. He was charged with an error on that but he slipped on the ground, should that be an error?

I just hope the Phils don't go to sleep now after the first three batters all get a hit.
It's about to be a quick second inning for the Phils hitters. I think they saw less then 10 pitches, so here it goes.

Oswalt walks Berkman to lead off the fourth then hits Holliday on the elbo.
This can't happen with the Phils hitters in hibernation.
Just went 2-0 to Molina, he looks like he lost it.
Molina just drove a liner out to Pence that he came in on then had to run straight towards the wall to catch.
Freeze lines a ball down the third base line into the corner that scores Holliday from first. How is that possible, he can't run. What is going on here, how does he lose it like this after cruising the first three innings?

You really have to have expected more from Oswalt especially against the bottom of the Cards lineup.

Oswalt won't last six innings tonight. They'll have to pinch hit for him anyway because they're losing.
This pitching is supposed to be the Phils strength but it really hasn't been in this series. They have had 2 out of four games that are good with Hamels and the last seven innings from Halladay after he gave up three in the first.

If they can keep it to only one run the Phils surely have a chance to win this game.

Polanco and Ruiz still only have one hit each.

Polanco singles but Ruiz swings at the first pitch and now one out for Oswalt who can't hit so he be bunting.
Bunts him to second but Rollins grounds out. Jimmy has two hits today but what happens after the first? They should be making adjustments but they get worse as the game goes on.

Winning this game would have allowed them to set up the rotation for the next round, now it looks like they will lose the rotation matchup in the next round if they get there.
They said on the radio that Cliff Lee would probably come in today in relief.

I've switched to trying to synch up the radio broadcast with the tv so I don't have to listen to Bob Brenly .

This game is messed up. A squirrel just ran literally right accross the plate as Oswalt through a pitch. The pitch was a curve right down the middle but called a ball. This crew is terrible I wish I knew how they picked the crews for these games.
A good recovery inning, Cards down in order in spite of the squirrel.

Finally in the sixth they are taking pitches. Utley walked and Pence is looking at pitches, although he did foul back a hanging curve and hit a bouncer just missing going over third base.

They need to bunch a few hits in a row.
The Phils are playing very strange in this game.
Pence grounds to short but Utley keeps going to third on the throw to first. Pujols comes off the bag and throws Utely out at third. He went really hard into the bag and the glove and is lucky if he didn't get hurt.
Howard gets to 3-0 then swing and fouls it off. Swings and misses on the next pitch. Flies out after that.

Victorino up and dribbles to second base. I'm shutting this down until the game is over. Getting too aggravated. This is looking like last playoffs all over again.

Phils managed to get another run but not because of any hitting they did. Utley hit the first base bag so a funny hop gets him on then a wild pitch scores Martinez. The end.

Howard has been just ridiculously awful this series. Four RBI's in game one and two to start game two and he hasn't gotten a hit since and he struck out again late in the game as the tying run. Awful.

This really is last year all over again.

Hallway better pitch a shut out tomorrow or that's all folks.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Playoffs, the NL Division Series - Game 3- Phils @ Cards

I don't like the way the game started.
Phils go in order in the first. In the Cards first Pujols gets a two out double then Berkman hit by pitch.
Hamels strikes out Freese to end it.

Howard leadsoff he second by striking out and swinging at two pitches that were up around his neck.
They go in order again.

Cards get another hit in their second with one out.

Not liking this.

Game has gone mostly as expected. No score after four and the Phils only have two hits. Ryan Howard has looked silly on his two strike outs.
The Cards have three hits, two walks and a hit batter.

If the game contiues in this way I think it benefits the Cards more than the Phils.
Garcia is right around the plate so I guess that's why the Phils are swinging at most pitches.

Top of the sixth, still no score. The Phils got a two out hit from Utley, then they walked Pence to get to Howard. Hmm.
Makes sense I guess since Howard has looked pretty nad so far against Garcia.

He's still swinging at bad pitches in this ab, and he grounds out to first.
Garcia threw a first pitch fastball but it was on the outside part of the that he took for a ball, then he swings at a curve off the plate.
The third pitch was another curve way off the plate that he dribbled to Pujols.
This is going to be a shut out for one team.

The sixth might be it for Hamels because he is over 100 pitches now and he just gave a two out hit then a walk.
Worley is just now getting up up the bullpen.
He might have pitched around a little because the Cards pither is up.

The Phils have given up hits to pitchers in these spots this year, so I'm a little nervous.
Cole is up near 120 pitches now so this will be his last batter.
Got him swinging.
That will be it for Cole.

Eight strike outs but three walks and a hit batter got his pitch count way up in only six innings.

Garcia has thrown only 74 pitches after six innings

Victorino almost pulled a boner there. Mayberry popped out to short right and Victorino faked going to third but was almost out on the throw back in. Jeez.
He led off with a single and moved over on a passed ball but Polanco is uo and he just cannot hit at all.
He grounds to third, shane had to stay on second. Ruiz up.

Walking Ruiz to the pinch hitter, Ben Francisco? I guess that's who they have as a right hander off the bench, depressing.

He usually pops up.
This is it right here if they don't score this is going to be bad with only two innings left and the Phils into the bullpen already.

OMG he hit a three run home run. OMG wow. Holy Crap.
I sooo did not see that happening.

Well they had Worley up I wonder if they bring in Lidge now.

Rollins doubled next. They were playing him very shallow. Utley grounds out so that ends the inning but man what a surprise from Francisco.

Worley is in, gets the first out but then walks the next guy and Pujols is up.
Worley isnt missing by much. Pujols breaks his bat and bloops a cheap hit over Utley's head, crap.
That's fine but walks seem to always come back to bite you and the Cards ar right in the meat Of their order. Berkman up now with two on one out.

Force at second so on the corners now with two out.
He really jammed him on that pitch, really good job on Berkman.
Freese is up, Hamels struck him out three times.

First pitch right down the middle, breaking ball for an RBI. Still two on for Molina.
He hasn't gotten a hit yet and has an 11 game streak in the playoffs.
The strike zone is a little tight for Worley.

Got him, Worley gets Molina to jam himself on an inside pitch pops up to right.

I was just saying to myself why is Worley still in there. He gave up a hit to Theriot who now has four hits. But why leave Worley in there, just bring in the eighth inning guy. I'm not exactly sure who that would be these days, but looks like Bastardo is in first. Lately it's been Lidge.

This game was pretty slow going for the first six innings but the last two have been racking my nerves to pieces.

One out on a pop up. That's is for Bastardo, Lidge in to face Matt Holliday.

I shouldn't be this nervous about the Cards.

Holliday dribbles a ball right through the hole at short. All season I don't think I've seen so many cheap hits from the other team.
Still a chance for a double play though.

I don't know why they would throw anything that far off the plate, make him swing at balls inside because of that bad hand he has.

Furacl drops another bloop hit in right in front of Mayberry in right, now they're bringing in Madson with the bases loaded and one out in the eighth.
This is looking ugly.

They hit into so many double plays, they broke a record this year.
He did it. A liner right at Utley, I couldn't tell if he let it bounce on purpose but it bounced and he got two outs on one play, double play.

Phew, I thought that was a liner into right field for sure. They had Utely in exactly the right place.

Polanco finally got a hit with one out. Then Ruiz hit one to center that was caught just before it hit the ground. I thought it was an out right away but Jerry Meals thought otherwise and called it a trapped ball. The umps huddled and got the call right. Ruiz was out. So back to first for Polanco. Madson strikes out so here we go to the ninth.
Pujols is leading off so a homer the Phiks still lead.

Madson trying for a five out save but Pujols leads off with a double. Now wer're in trouble because Berkman can tie the game.
So Masdson, two pitches and two rockets.

It's tough playing with the lead in this series.

One out, Berkman pops up to Victorino. He got that one off the end of his bat.
I'm pulling my hair out.
He gets to 0-2 on Freese then a pitch that according to the pitch tracker on tv was a high strike, called a ball.

Ok a week ground ball to Utley for the second out. Pujols moves to third.
Molina is trying to continue an 11 game playoff hit streak, he is 0-4.

First hit base hit for Molina right over the middle in front of Victorino. They had him playing very deep to prevent extra base hits. Oh well.
3-2 now, still two outs.

Two first pitch hits this inning and they swung at the first pitch Madsen through in the eighth inning.
They give up so many first pitch hits.
Theriot is up and he is 4-4 but no runs scored or RBI's.

The count is 1-2.

Ground ball to Utley and he throws out Theriot,
Phils win 3-2.

Cole Hamels gets the win and is now has more wins then any other Phillie in post season history with 7.

Wow I can finally breath.

They stole this one. They were out hit and outplayed really This game.
The Phils make the Cards strand 14 runners today. That was an amazing game. I was going crazy watching this game and it's only the third one of the playoffs.

Alright only nine more to go.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Playoffs, the NL Division Series - Cards @ Phils

Jeez can the Phils get the first guy out pleas the next game. Furcal leads off nearly homering opposite field to right but it's a triple as Pence went the wrong way after the ball bounced off the fence.
Then Lee went to work.

He struck out Craig, Popped up Pujols, then Berkman smashed a ball at Polanco who grabbed it and toss out Berkman.

Brilliant, I really though it was going to be a 1-0 start for the Cards.
Great recovery for Lee.
Bottom of the first the Phils get their own ball off the wall in nearly the same spot as Furcal, so Rollins a leadoff double.
Then Carpenter walked Utley and Pence to load them for Howard. He battled for a full count and finally bounced one right up the middle that if Carpenter didn't kick it would have been a double play but it ends up as a two RBI single.
Victorino pops up on the first pitch he sees, sometimes he does some things that don't make sense. No reason to swing at the first pitch there.

Ayway Ibanez follows with a single to drive in Pence.
Polanco hits into a DP but otherwise a great first inning for the Phils. Now it's up to Cliff Lee.

Another first pitch, first batter in the inning hit. Freeze lines one into right for a double. I just don't understand it.

It was this point in last nights game that Halladay shut the Cards down for seven straight innings.

Jerry Meels is behind the plate, so this is going to be a frustrating strike zone.
He just called Molina out on a third strike on a pitch that was in the same spot as the previous pitch that was a ball.

I hope that Lee won't have to work with runners on the entire time he's out there.

Lee gets out of it again.

Phils second starts with Ruiz grounding out and Lee striking out, followed by Rollins smacking another one off the top of the wall For a double.
He steals third as Utley walks again. Pence lines a single into right to knock in Rollins. 4-0 Phils.

After Pence's hit Larussa came to the mound but didn't really say anything to Carpenter, he did give Meels a few choice words.
Don't see that very often without the manager getting tossed.

Cards third has the pitcher leading off so he might get the first batter out.

In the fourth Berkman leads off with a walk so anyone not a pitcher tonight as a leadoff is 3-3.

Bad inning for Lee. After the walk he did get a strike out but then three straight hits that gets two runs for the Cards and now it's 4-2 with second and third and one out.
Also Pence missed a cutoff on a throw in that let's the runner get to second on the throw.

So it'll probably be at least 4-3 at this point.

When Lee goes south it happens fast and all in one inning usually.
They do get three, after Punto struck out Furcal singled. One run scored but Ibanez threw the second runner out at the plate with a perfect one hopper that Ruiz held onto.
I don't know what was going on in that inning with Cliff Lee.

Ok after the Phils go down in order, the cards come back and go down in order. Lee is doing a number on Pujols. Last ab he was throwing all curves, this time he mixed in a couple of fast balls and struck him out looking with one right on the inside corner.

The Cards just tie it up in the sixth. After two outs he gives up a double and a single, but this time Ibanez doesn't make a good throw so he's safe at home then an infield single.
Lee is struggling. Must of the hits a bleeders but they still count.

This will be Lee's last inning.

Lee comes back out for the seventh, I'm surprised. I guess it's either him or the bullpen.
Not surprised that he gives up a triple that should have been caught by Victorino then a single and an RBI then another single to Berkman.

I guess it's not over yet but it sure feels like it is. I do not understand why Lee was allowed to come back out. He was clearly done.

That was all the scoring for the game. I'm good with scoring four runs in this game, not good with Lee giving up five especially after he was spotted four runs.

Bad loss, the misplayed by Victorino was a killer.

So they go to St. Louis tied at 1-1.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Playoffs - game 1 - Cardinals @ Phillies

Earlier this summer Holly and I were given tickets to go to a NASCAR race today so we weren't going to cancel that so we went.
It was a lot of fun and probably the loudest sound ever heard was after the race started.

We finally got home about three hours after game time.

As usual Halladay gives up a leadoff hit to Furcal, Then a one out walk to Pujols.
Halladay's first pitch to Berkman hit the front of the upper deck and it's three to zip after one half.

I have to admit that since I recorded the game I couldn't resist skipping forward until I saw something good happen.
Finally they scored a run in the fourth after Lohse was perfect through three the got a couple base runners for Victorino.
He popped a foul ball behind third base that was dropped for an error so Victorino got another chance and he came through, a single and an RBI. Phils are on the board.

Phils go in order the next inning but really broke it open in the sixth.
Rollins cued one up the middle for a single, after Utley struck out Pence singled. First and second for Howard.
He had a great ab. He foiled a bunch of change ups before Lohse missed a spot and gave Howard one up in the zone that Ryan put into the first row of the upper deck. Ryan dropped his bat and admired his work for a split second before making his way around the bases.

That was gonna be about all they would need but they still weren't done.
After another runner gets on Ibanez hit the sign in front of the upper deck in right, now it's 6-3 Phils.

In the seventh they loaded them up with no outs but after Pence dribbled one for a force at home it look like they might not get much more but Howard hit a sac fly and a couple more hits knocked in two more runs for a 9-3 lead.
Two more in the eighth and it's 11-3, game over.
While all that is going on Halladay gave up another leadoff hit in the second but that's when he put the hammer down and retired the next 21 batters he faced.
I'm not sure why but Manual took him out and used Stutes to start the ninth. That didn't work so well.
Stutes gave up three hits only got one out before Manual pulled him for Madson.
Stutes was charged with three runs but two of them came after Madson came in and gave up a double that let the second two runs in. Ryan Madson gave up that hit but struck out the next two including Matt Holliday to finish it up.

The Phils scored five in the fifth to tie a team record and had 14 hits also a playoff team record.

Ryan Howard had a home run and four RBI's. He had zero of each through two rounds last season.

Everyone had a hit except Ruiz and Polanco.

Teams that win game one are 47-17 but on the other hand, teams losing game one who win game two are 13-11.

Great win tonight and the Phils make a statement and tell everyone they aren't just a team of pitchers.

Ten more.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Game 162 - the end of a great season Phils @ Braves

This was a magical regular season for the Phillies, it was so much fun following these guys on the way to over 100 wins and a fifth division title in five years.

After losing 8 in a row they have now won three straight including the last two against the Braves.
Atlanta is in a playoff push against the Cards but the Braves are doing whatever they can to lose it.
Lee and last might Oswalt have pitched brilliantly to put the Braves on the brink of being knocked out.
With last nights loss and the Cards win they are tied going into tonight.

So either the Braves or Cards will get in or they will tie and play a one game play-in game on Thursday.
If the Cards win, they play the Phils, if the Braves win the Phils play either the Brewers or the Diamondbacks.

I'm voting for the Cards. Even with tonight they have had to use the starters to get in the playoffs and if they have to play another game tomorrow their rotation will be completely out of order for a series with the Phils.

Same thing going on in the AL. the Red Sox are on the verge of a historic collapse. They had a 9 game lead for the wild card. Right now they are tied with the Rays with one game left.
So there could be two play-in games tomorrow.

As for the Phils. They have history in their sight tonight.
Charlie is tied with Gene Mauch for most wins in a career for a Phils Manager, so he becomes number one with a win tonight.
Also if they win that would be 102 wins this season and the most ever.

Phils picked up a run in the seventh, so going into the ninth they are down 3-2 and Polanco leads off with a hit and Pete Orr in to run.
Pretty exciting even in this game that really doesn't mean to much for the Phils. The Cards game and the Rays game is already decided and the Red Sox are up 3-2 but in a rain delay.

Struck out Ruiz on a face high pitch and a full count.

After the Phils loaded the bases with one out Utley hit a long fly that became a sac fly to tie the game up at three a piece.
Kimbrel really imploded. And as all over the place and reloaded up the bases before being pulled.

The Phils go into extra innings, the Cards whooped the Astros so the Braves have to win to get in.

In the AL the Red Sox had a 3-2 lead into the ninth but Poplebon couldn't hold it ad gave up two runs to the Orioles, Red Sox Lose.
The Rays were losing to the Yankees 7-0 but they came back and tied it.
It stayed tied until the bottom of the 12th when Longoria homered for the second time in the game. This came about three minutes after the Sox game ended.
So the red sox ended with a historic collapse and the Braves had one of their own as the Phils beat them in 4-3 in 13.

The Phils get the Cards in the first round starting on Saturday night.

Game one will be Hallady vs. lohse, game two is Lee vs Carpenter who will be on three days rest.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Game 159 Phils @ Mets - Sunday September 25th 2011

Phils are trying to stop the record breaking losing streak today and have Halladay on the mound so it looks like a good bet.

Started great just like yesterday when they got three in the first but couldn't hold it because of Pence's error.

Today the get 3 in the first and one in the 2nd and 3rd and 4 more in the fourth.
Halladay was able make it stand.

Roy pitched 6 inning and only gave up four hits and no runs.
Bastardo pitched to 6 batters in the seventh and after the first strike out couldn't get another out and gave up a ling homer and three runs.

Worley, who is now in the pen got the last two outs and even though he gave up a couple of hits and a run in the eighth I liked what he did out of the pen.
Madson had a shakey 9th to close it out but He needed a great play from Victorino to track down a shot in center to do it.

Halladay finishes 19-6 on the season but because he lost his last start won'y be in the running for the Cy Young.

Phils now head into a three game series with the Braves who need to win two minimum to at least tie for the wild card spot and the Cards need to win all three against the Astros.
The Braves have a 1 game lead for the wild card.

Phils get 19 hits today. Pence had three, Rollins with three. Carlos Ruiz had four hits and raised his average to .290.

There is still a lot of concern about Bastardo, he struck out the first guy and that was it.
Wheels said there may have been some pitch tipping to the other team but I think he is just not locating.

99 wins, three more for the team record.

Games 152-159

I haven't posted anything since the day after they Clinched the division and since then the Phils have played at a record breaking pace. The record they broke isn't one I expected though.

Over the last 8 games they have lost all 8.
This produced at least two records that I became aware of.
Most Losses in a row after clinching the division or the league. Previous record was 5 losses in a row, now the record is eight.
Most consecutive losses after winning 98 games, now at eight.

Most of these were lost because they stopped scoring runs.
They Lost 3 of 4 to the Cards and all four to the Nationals. So after not losing a four game series all season they lose two in a row.
Also included in this are two day/night double header sweeps curtesy of the Mets and Nats.

Yesterday they lost because Pence Dropped a fly all that led to 5 un-earned runs in the inning.
They found all types of ways to lose.

They are stuck on 98 wins and now need to win the last 4 to set the team record for most wins in a season.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Game 151 Cards @ Phils

Ok I know the clinched playoffs and everything else so what I'm looking at is the starting pitching.
Hamels started tonight and I already don't like it.
Gave up a hit then a tremendous bomb to Pujols.
That ball went past the could pole in left and right into the corner of the upper deck. It would have gone past the Gulf sign if it didn't hit the upper deck.

These next two weeks watching the Phils are going to be brutal.
They have hit into three double plays in four innings.

Hamels has been pretty awful the last two starts including tonight.
He just gave another two run homer this one with an 0-2 count.
So It's four to nothing.

It ended up being 5-0.
They obviously still were nursing hangovers although the only two Phils not in the game were Howard and Ruiz.

The disappointing aspect is that Hamels had another bad game so that's two in a row.

If they lose tomorrow that will be the only four game series loss this season.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Game 150 Cards @ Phils --- Division Clinched 5 Straight Years

The Braves have already one today so the Phils have to win tonight to Clinch the division on their own.

Good start for Oswalt. NO runs in the first.
Phils lead off with a hit from Rollins and he gets to second on a ground out y Victorino. He was running or the grounder would have been a double play.
They walk Howard intentionally to get to Pence and it seems like every time they do that he gets a hit. He did again.
Nothing amazing just a liner over the third baseman that brings in Rollins. So walk Howard and and Pence gets a hit again.

Phils load them up in the third but don't score. Load them up again in the fourth but Jake Westbrook walked Victorino to force
in a run. Still Loaded one out.

Unusual thing happened in the fourth. Before Victorino walked Larrussa came out and talked to the umps and then the umps talked to Manual.
Apparently the Cards phone doesn't work so they had to tell the Phils they can't use their phone either.
Larussa's signal was a "wide" sign, holding his arms out to his side. He want Arthur Rhoades, a big guy but not exactly wide.

Oh well they don't get any more as Utley popped out and Howard grounded out.

Phils are just chuggin' along tonight. Victorino homered earlier gave them a 3-0 lead and hear in the seventh Oswalt got out of a first and third two out jam with a big strike out with a sweeping curve.
He is on point tonight, very sharp, hitting the corners a great game. looks like seven might be all for him though.

Stutes in to pitch the eighth.
Cards are kicking up a two out fuss. Pujols singled and now two on for berkman. Pujols was on five times yesterday and another couple times tonight.
Berkman singles in a run.
I'm not thrilled with the pen the last few weeks. Bastardo has been leaking oil and Stutes hasn't been very hot lately, and now another hit. Finally Manual comes out to get Stutes.
I think these guys can only pitch to 2 or 3 hitters now and that Manual needs to have someone ready in the pen basically at all times.
Stutes blew a gasket and gave up four hits real fast and two runs. They should have had Lidge up much earlier so he could come in at least one batter earlier.

Charlie just seems to fall asleep sometimes and forgets there is a game going on. Lidge throws one pitch and gets an easy grounder out. One batter too late, still they have the lead 3-2. He leaves pitchers in for one or two hitters too long, a lot.

They Get one back on Victorino's rbi single in their part of the eighth. He has three rbi's tonight.

Utley is hit right in the back of his calf and this loads the bases. Howard is up for the second time with them loaded. He hasn't done much of anything with the bases loaded in awhile. Very quickly down 0-2 after he swings at another ball two feet outside.
Sounds like a repeat of many at bats this year. He can't stay away from that pitch. Also why does anyone throw him anything but a curveball. There it is again, a foot outside sweeping curve, swing and a miss.
He is so far off the plate in the box now that his back foot is on the back line and his front foot is on the farthest left line.
Started the season much closer to the plate and he was seeing that pitch and not swinging at it.

In spite of that I feel pretty good about tonight. It's a much different air around the game from yesterday. Oner difference is the 4-5-6 hitters yesterday were 0-20 I think or very close to that.

The Cards are making some costly mistakes this inning. Furcal just took a grounder and was going to throw to second for the force but as usual Utley ran very hard to second. Furcal had to double pump and throw to first and it cost them. Pence also running hard beat the throw, scoring Rollins.

Bases still loaded for Raul Ibanez.
On a 1-1 pitch Ibanez gets a pitch from Octavio Dotel right down broadway and he deposited that ball 10 rows deep in right field. Grand Slam his 9th.

Six runs in the bottom of the eighth and that champagne is out of the fridge.

Madson is in to finish it up, not a save chance but I guess he should be in there anyway.

Wheels is already in the clubhouse ready for the celebration.

How many times have they clinched these at home? Seems like every time.

Well of course Madson doesn't do it easy. He gives up a two out hit, that's happened a bunch lately.

This game hurts the Cards too because they're chasing the Braves for the wild card spot.
There it is. Furcal bounces a high two hopper to Utley that he BARE-HANDS and throws out Furcal.

Five straight division titles. I remember in 1980 after they won the division for the 4th time in five years and thinking it was such a great run. then two years later they went to the World Series and 5 divisions in 8 years. What a great run that was. Now 5 divisions in a row.
Hunter Pence had a smile on face like you might not believe while he was running in after the last out.

I've heard some talk on if they should celebrate a division win with the champagne or not, of course yes. there are a bunch of new and young players who haven't been through this so they deserve their chance to celebrate.

In the clubhouse the players are all picking put their own bottle but it is a subdued celebration to start. almost looks like they're waiting for someone to go first.

There it goes they crazy begins. they were waiting for Pence to get in there to start it off.

Dom Brown is drinking his bottle, i'm not sure that's what this champagne is for.

The new t-shirt might be "Let's pop bottles" Wheels ask Pence what time it was to see if he would say "Good game let's go eat" he said Let's pop Bottles.

Now there will be much rest for some of these guys. Howard has a ad foot so he'll be out some and probaly Ruiz.

Looks like most of the celebrating is the new guys.
I think they have giant cans of beer now, those cans are huge.

Wow clinched the division with 12 games left. I love it. I can't wait 'till the playoffs start. If anyone I know is reading this, after the playoffs start don't call me, don't ask me to come out of my Home Theater Room I'm not available.


Win 9-2
last ten 6-4
After Pence 32-13
Division up 12
Magic number Zero
Best record magic number 1
Record 98-52

Friday, September 16, 2011

Game 149 Cards @ Phils

The Phils are in the verge of clinching the division.
The magic number is 2 at the start of the game.
Braves are home against the Mets and the Mets have already scored four in the first.

Ance Worley going tonight. I'm not real thrilled with the way he's pitching. He was fine in the first but threw nearly 30 pitches in the second and already has a bunch in the third. Pujols singled again and is 2-2 already.
Worley is pitching from behind to a lot of hitters.

I guess that's better then out of the park.

He's missing with his cutter that he uses with two strikes. It moves from off the plate to the corner but he's not getting is spot.

Third inning, Pujols tried to get to third from first on a single right in front of him to left that Francisco didn't charge but he made an accurate throw and Pujols was out.

Worley gets through six with about 100 pitches so won't pitch more then one more inning. He's done well holding the cards to 1 run. Pujols has three singles.

They took him out anyway then Furcal leads off by bunting a ball over Jimmy Rollins head then gets to second on a wild pitch.
I don't remember seeing anyone bunt a ball that far in the air for a hit.

Holy Toledo, the Cards just grounded into their 160th double play, ends the inning. Good job Herndon getting out of bases loaded one out spot.

Phils only have four hits.

Mets lead the Braves 10-2 so looks like the Phils will clinch a tie for the division tonight.

Oh boy, Mayberry led off the seventh with a single and Francisco smacked one that just died right at the wall left. It looked like he killed It too, and now Mayberry is out at second on a ball that bounced at the plate but not far enough away.

Bastardo continues to stink as of late and gives up a long home run to Molina that hit pretty far up on the foul pole in left.

They way the Phils have been hitting this looks bad.

Bottom of the eighth and Rollins struck out again on a ball bouncing two feet off the plate. The Phils do that a lot.
Anyway Victorino gets on and moves to second on a wild pitch, one out.
Utley dribbles a weak ball to the pitcher, two outs.
Would be nice to hit a ball to the right side so the runner in second could have gone to third. Sheesh.

Cards bring in Octavio Dotel for Pence, Pence is 0-3 with three K's against him. Oh man Pence just cracked a ball that was almost higher then the pole but it was about ten feet foul. I thought it might hit the Gulf sign.

Struck him out on a ball that was in. They really are not hitting anything right now.

Manual has been saying form the last two weeks that they will continue to play the same as normal he last two weeks but don't think so. I'm seeing Howard getting rested every other game and same with Polanco and Ruiz and Francisco has been getting a lot of time.

Lidge is in for the ninth and got then first out after getting behind 3-1.
I guess Ryan Howard will pinch hit in the ninth, but even if they get a runner on I'm not sure they can get two or three hits in one inning tonight to score a run.
A smash at Mayberry that he drops and Lidge doesn't cover so no they have two on two outs.
No reason for that. A guy who has been around as long as Lidge should be over there. Anyway he gets out of the inning.

Ugh Polanco line a ball k to right but their right fielder was very shallow and caught it easily.
Mayberry whiffs at two right down the middle, two outs.
Howard is up as a pinch hitter.

Ryan gets a double but he was safe by an inch, almost thrown out.
Can they do it?

Holy crap. Ruiz lines a ball to right field right on the line, deep and Corey Patterson gets to the ball but takes it a little awkwardly and dropped it.
I think he took his eye off it for a split second and he might have looked at the wall.
Oh well Gload goes down in three pitches and swings at one two feet outside.

Disaster in the eleventh Schwimer comes in and coughs it up. He gives up a two runs including a ball that bounced off Martinez' glove after hitting the chain fence above the left field wall, it then stayed on top of the wall and rolled about six feet before falling to the track.
Martinez took a few seconds to find it which let another run score.
So 4-2 going to the bottom of the eleventh.
Two outs runner on first for the imposing John Bowker. Snort.

That's it. Bowker and Schwimer really?

Schwimer gave up a homer to the first batter he faced but looked good in that game and yesterday but he just isn't ready to be up here and it's obvious. I am confused as to why he is on the roster and keeps pitching in important spots.


Loss 4-2
last ten 6-4
After Pence 31-13
Division up 12
Magic number 1
Best record magic number 3
Record 97-52

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Game 148 Marlins @ Phils Second game of day nighter

After three innings both teams have two hits.
The Phils have hammered a few balls that probably would have been well out, but tonight the wind is Gail force blowing straight in.
One ball actually was blown back towards the infield in left.

Lee is having a really good game but the Phils keep hitting balls in the air and they're getting knocked down and caught.
Except for the fourth when the Marlins pitcher struck out the side.

Finally in the sixth the Phils break through literally.
Mayberry smacked a ball right down towards the left field foul pole that just got inside the pole.
One zip Phils.
Pence follows with a smash that the first baseman mishandled and then he didn't go after it so Pence runs to second base.
ThAt was it for the inning.

Cliff Lee is phenomenal. He never looks like he is working hard, he's just smooth.
Today he is pitching a shut out after eight, has 11 strike outs for the 18th time in his career, tenth with the Phils and ninth this year.
Has retired ten in a row going into the ninth.

Ninth inning, Lee gets ahead of the first batter 0-2. Seems like every batter has been down 0-2. Strike out number 12.
He throws one up and in on the 0-2 pitch then paints the outside corner for called strike three.

Stanton hit a clothesline out to Ibanez that was a seed. Raul dove to his left after taking about four steps and caught the ball just beforeit hit the turf.

Oh my goodness.
Lee just let them tie the game on another 0-2 pitch on a home run by Lopez.
This was like a playoff game with the anticipation of another Cliff Lee shut out.
For the second time this season he misses a complete game shut out with two outs in the ninth. Oh My.
That is like a punch in the face.
It was a bad pitch. Was supposed to be low and outside but it was up and right over the plate and Lopez nailed it.

The only way I could imagine Lee comig back out is if they get a run here, but it is really unlikely that would happen.
Now this could be a long game.

Schimer is in for the Phils so, well who knows.

What a sucker punch, this should be over and the 22nd shut out for the Phils.

It took one extra inning for the Phils to win tonight. Martinez leads off with a walk and Ryan Howard smokes one into the gap that brings I Martinez for the win. That ball was a bolt.
A bunch of balls were hit a ton tonight I wonder what this game would have look like with the wind blowing normally.

Anyway they match the win total from last season at 97 with 14 games left and they have won more only twice 101 in both 1976 and 1977. This is the third time for 97 wins.

It's a shame Lee didn't win the game but at least they did win after all. Michael Schwimer gets his first big league win.


Win 2-1
last ten 7-3
After Pence 31-12
Division up 12
Magic number 2
Best record magic number 3
Record 97-51

Game 147 Marlins @ Phils

Kyle Kendrick gets the start in game one of the day nighter.
The Phils are still mostly going through the motions. Get three hits and two runs in the first and nothing else until the sixth inning.

Kendrick pitched a very good five innings. He didn't give up his first hit until the fifth inning a long hone run by Logan Morrison.
Kept the Fish off the board and allowed Phils two runs to hold up. The added a run in the seventh on a RBI from Utley in his return from the concussion.

Howard is still struggling terribly.
He was 0-4 with two K's but he wasn't close to much of anything today and won't be in the line up tonight.

Polanco and Ibanez had two hits each and the Phils outhit the opponent for the first time in five games.
A huge play by Ibanez in the top of the eighth.
Marlins have two on and one out. A base hit into left field to Ibanez, he runs in on the ball and picks it up, Infante is coming around third trying to score but Raul throws a strike to Schneider and they get the out. It really was a perfect throw. Raul has had a few of those this season.

Stutes pitched a decent two innings but Bastardo was in trouble again. A hit and a walk in .1 of an inning and Charlie pulled him quick.

Madson got the save but until after he let the first two on in the ninth.


Win 3-1
last ten 7-3
After Pence 30-12
Division up 11.5
Magic number 3
Playoff Magic Number 0
Record 96-51

Game 146 Phils @ Astros - Clinched a playoff berth

I was out all day and actually didn't watch the game or listen to it.
Turns into another record breaking game for the Phils.
They win a playoff berth faster then any other Phils team. The 1915 team did it in 147 games.
Halladay won his 18th game making him only the third Philly to win St least 18 two seasons in row.
Robin Roberts did it many times in a row and Carlton did in '79 and '80.

I did watch the first inning and each inning Halladay pitched after I got home.

Halladay was a master yesterday. He had one shaky inning. In thesecond they got two bleeders to start the inning and a bunt hit to load the bases with no outs.
He got a force at home and a double play to get out of it. That was it. The Astros weren't even close to scoring.

The Phils got two hits from the first two batters in the game and only two more hits the rest of the game.

It ended on Roy Halladay's seventh strike out to very little or mo fanfare.
There was some hand shaking on the bench and field but if there was any celebrating in the club house it wasn't shown on tv.

This is the fifth straight season in the playoffs, continuing the record that was four last year.
Magic number is 4 to clinch the fifth straight division win and 6 to clinch best record.

They still have not been swept in a series of two games or more, the Marlins did win a one game rain shortened series.
They are also 12-5 in the current stretch of 33 in 31 games.


Win 1-0
last ten 7-3
After Pence 29-12
Division up 11
Magic number 4
Playoff Magic Number 0
Record 95-51

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Game 145 Phils @ Astros

I guess this is going to be another irritating game.
J. Happ sets the Phils down in order in the first then Cole gets one out and gives up two straight doubles and a single to start his game off.
Now he loads the bases on a hit batter.
I don't think they care at this point. Don't want to be in Houston, don't want to play at all.
Obvious cruise control right now.

Jim Reynolds behind the plate is really squeezing the plate, not giving any corners to Hamels.

Still playing sloppy again tonight.
Hamels gets two outs then a shot up the middle for a single goes to Mayberry and he boots it. Let it go right through his legs for a single then a two base error.

Finally some good news as Pence hit a ball off the yellow wall in left to tie it up at 1-1.

The slop continues in the fourth. A hit and a stolen base. it would be nice if Ruiz could throw a guy out for a change, then Howard stone hands a ball on Happ and Hamels doesn't cover first runner safe.

A single through the hole for a run then a three run home run makes it 5-1.
I would ove to turn off the Phils and have some one wake me up when the playoffs start, because It looks like the Phils have fallen asleep too.

I don't get this at all. The home plate ump is only calling strikes right down the middle and nothing on the corners. The Astros are swinging at good pitches not stuff off the plate but the Phils are swinging and not Forcing Happ to throw strikes.

Finally in the fifth the Phils get Rollins on with one out then Happ walks two after Polanco made an out.
Howard is up and swings through a fastball.

He hasn't hit a slam in awhile he's due for one.

Howard got to 2-1 but then a ball very low gets called for a strike. Happ throws the exact same pitch and it's called a ball.
Howard flies out to the waring track in left. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

That wall out in left is aout 20 feet high and the left fielder caught it on the track in front of the wall. Tom McCarthy said Howard missed a grand slam by a few feet.

Not really a surprise but Hamels was taken out after the fifth inning.

J. Happ ends up out-pitching Cole Hamels. Happ only gives up 4 hits while Hamels gives up 9 including 5 runs.

They really just were going through the motions the last few games.


Loss 5-2
last ten 6-4
After Pence 28-12
Division up 11
Magic number 5
Playoff Magic Number 1
Record 94-51

Monday, September 12, 2011

Game 144 Phils @ Astros

Pretty sloppy fourth inning for the Phils defense.
Ibanez drops a ball in right, then Rollins and Orr collide trying to catch a bouncer and get a double play and get no one.
Then a ball hit to Howard should have been a double play but the throw back to first was dropped by Oswalt.

They end up getting two runs out of it and a 2-1 lead.
Odd play mixed in there.
On a hit by an Astronomer he was running into second, Rollins had his hands up to say don't throw it in, the Astro saw Rollins hand up and High Fived him.

None of that was Oswalt's fault. He's pitching pretty good.

Tonight was Pence's first game back in Houston since coming to the Phils. He got a standing O in his first ab.
If the Phils win tonight they tie for a playoff spot and if the Cards lose the Phils clinch a spot.

So much for Oswalt having a good game. He gives up a two out hit then a two run homer to Carlos Lee. Now it's 4-1 Astros.
The other problem is Brett Myers is pitching for the Astros and as with any pitcher who throws a 65 mph curve, the Phils aren't hitting him.

Howard just whiffed at three of those in a row.

I'm tempted to not watch the rest of this game, because I always get angry when I watch them play this way.
Ibanez is now whiffing at these crappy curves.
Oh, Raul walked.

I really do get upset watching these kind of game. Myers is 4-13 and has an era nearly at 5. Hit this guy already.

I'm going upstairs to wash the dishes and turn the game on the radio.

That was awful. Apparently they are in "already clinched" mode. While they sure did bring their too game against the Braves and
Brewers, they sure didn't tonight and walker last week against the Marlins. Oh well the Cards lost so they have a guarantee spot in the playoffs.
Brett Meyers gets the win and Oswalt the Loss.
Oswalt has been a disappointment since he has come back and to some extent before he went on the DL.
He hasn't stepped up to be a stopper, he isn't even the fourth best pitcher right now.


Loss 5-1
last ten 6-4
After Pence 28-11
Division up 12
Magic number 5
Playoff Magic Number 1
Record 94-50

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Game 143 Phils @ Brewers September 11 2011

Even with Vance Worley and Ryan Howard couldn't win one more to sweep the four game series, oh well.

Sometimes the other team gets to receive credit, their pitcher was really good today.
The Phils only had one hit after five and three after six. Victorino and Howard had solo homers in the sixth fora 2-1 lead but that wa it today for the Phils.

Worley pitched a decent game but not good enough. He gave up three hits with two outs and The Brewers took back the lead for good.

Ibanez and Orr had 7 strike-outs between them.
The Phils and Worley's streaks were stopped. Vance won 9 in a row and the Phils won 14 of his starts in a row.
Howard had another RBI and Prince Fielder had zero during the series.

Brewers's Gallardo struck out 12 Phils and he has 16 wins.


Loss 3-2
last ten 8-2
After Pence 28-10
Division up 12
Magic number 6
Playoff Magic Number 2
Record 94-49

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Game 142 Phils @ Brewers game 3 of four games

Ryan Howard is out to start the game, which doesn't bother me because Randy Wolf is pitching. He throws slop up there and I don't like him hitting against that crap.

Pence gets them on the board with a second level home run.

Not a great second inning for the defense in the bottom of the second.
Fielder lead off walk and was forced on what was an easy double play ball but Martinez tossed the ball low to Mayberry and it bounced
Into the dugout.
Next batter singled sending McGehee home and into a collision with Ruiz. He caught the ball but it was knocked loose one the crash.

The run is unearned butnit breaks Lee's 30 inning scoreless streak.

Then in the top of the third Lee while trying to bunt had the ball graze off his pitching hand so we'll see if anything comes from that.

Now they get the bases loaded on a walk to Pence for Mayberry.

Wolf just threw an 85 mph fastball.

Have I mentioned yet how much a cannot stand watching Wolf pitch? It's because of all the slop he throws up there. I hate it.

I have a feeling the lack of the A team being out there might hurt them tonight.

It shows in the fourth, they get a single to start then Fielder bloops a hit out in short left that drops in. Valdez gets to the ball and throws to third instead of second which would have kept fielder on first. So they get second third no outs and Braun grounds out but the run scores.

Polanco homers for the first time since April? Ties it up in the fifth at 2-2.

Still tied in the bottom of the seventh. Kind of an ugly game for the Phils with the bad defense and almost all hitting coming with two outs. They just left two more on with two outs, mayberry again.
Victorino is in a bad slump.

He is 0-4 and down to .296 from around .314 a coup,e weeks ago.

Mayberry is also 0-4 and has 6 LOB.
Martinez is killing them tonight. He just dropped a ball at second on a steal attempt. He catches the ball he's out.
They have runner on second with one out now a walk so first and second one out in the seventh.
Nothing they can do I guess. Rollins is still out and Utley has the concussion. Maybe they can get Howard in now as a pinch hitter since Wolf is out of the game.
Lee might be pitching around Hart. Nope he gave him a pitch to hit and he lined it to Victorino.

Headed to the eighth tied at two.

Phils can't get anything going in this game and their pen is really good.
I think they need to get into extra innings and try to get something going after their closer comes in a gets out of the game.

Well nobody on base and two outs so Valdez can't hit a DP now.
He walked and stole second but hurt his hammy on the steal. He stayed in but is banging his fist on his leg to try and loosen it up.
They don't have any more infielders to come in except for Rollins who they keep saying isn't ready yet even though he came of the DL the other day.
Orr walked and now Gload is up. Again this is all with two outs. Strike out.

Uh oh Lidge is in for the eighth, he already does have one out though.
Yep, Braun doubles and they walk Fielder and he's behind to McGehee.
I guess they brought him in because Bastardo is struggling and to see what he could do in an important situation.
He gets the job done. Strikes out McGehee and Betencourt grounds out, good job Lidge.

Howard in to hit for Mayberry, he's batting around .340 as a pinch hitter, but Howard isn't seeing this ball or something as he just took two right down the middle.
He strikes out a surprisingly high amount of times against righties. Hmm, six pitches and he only swung at one, that was a check swing foul ball.

Bottom of the ninth, Stutes is in now.
Got one easy out but The next guy hit a ball right down the line at first. Lucky that Howard was playing on the line and he made a great catch for the out. Then strikes out Lecrouy(sp?)

Extra innings here we come.

Raul leads it off with a double on the first pitch.
On the second pitch Ruiz bunts it, Hawkins the pitcher picks it up then fires it right into the seats.
Raul scores and Ruiz to second. Hawkins thought the third basemen was going to get it so he delayed for a tick before picking it up.

Madson is in tom try for the save and has a full count on Corey Hart. Not making it easy.
Walked him.

Craig Council, who seems like he's been around forever bunts him over.

Ryan Braun is up. Struck him out.
I would walk Fielder.
He would be the winning run but even at the plate, batting he's the winning run.

Looked like he was pitching around McGehee but now he has him at full.
He hits a chopper to Polanco that he bobbled and throws low to first but Howard digs it out.

Ryan Madson is the 9th pitcher to have 30 saves or more.
That was a huge win. Now they have six in a row against the Braves and Brewers, take that.

They are 11-2 to start this 33 in 31 days.

I just am amazed at this team. They rest a good portion of the regulars and still win three straight from Milwaukee.

Hunter Pence was 3-3 and 2 walks.

46 games over .500

Win 3-2
last ten 8-2
After Pence 28-9
Division up 12
Magic number 8
Playoff Magic Number 2
Record 94-48

Game 141 Phils @ Brewers game 2 of four games September 9th

Ryan Howard set it up right from the first inning with a three run bomb int te upper deck in right.
Halladay was great tonight. Eight innings only four hits but he walked three. Only one earned run that may not have been a run if the Phils were paying attention.
Mcgehee came in on a sac fly but he hit Ruiz foot and hopped right over the plate and never touched it.
The ump never made a call.

Still no Utley. Looks like he is out until next Wednesday at the earliest.

It was another odd line up tonight with Pence hitting third and Ibanez fifth.

Pete Orr played second and he got three hits.
Take a look at this line for Valdez.
Valdez, W, SS 4 0 0 0 0 1 10 .248

That's 0-4 and the ten stands for men left on base. He hit into one DP but it seems like much more then one to me..
With that three run homer Howard leads all of baseball in RBI's and is third in the NL in homers.

It was 5-1 headed to the ninth but then Bastardo came in.

In his last three appearances, he has faced eight batters. He has retired only two of them in one-plus inning, allowing two hits, four runs and four walks.

Tonight he gave up a walked and a hit to the first two batters. So he was taken out for Madseon whom came in and got the save but not before giving up a hit that scored two runs, charged to Bastardo.

Anyway they win get to 45 games over .500, the Braves lose so the division lead is 11 and the playoff magic number is 3 with 21 games left.


Win 5-3
last ten 8-2
After Pence 27-9
Division up 11
Magic number 9
Playoff Magic Number 3
Record 93-48

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Game 140 Phils @ Brewers

Starting a four game set with the Brewers.
Let's see that Phil's starting line up


With chase out from a concussion and Rollins off the DL but still out, that is not a very imposing group.
Looks like Cole will need to pitch another great game.

I didn't expect much so after five the Phils have one walk, Hamels and one bloop hit, Mayberry. He was erased on a DP.

Hamels is matching that on one hit.
well until the home run he just gave up with one out in the fifth.

He made one bad pitch and it gets hit out of the park. Why does that seem to happen, how about a double in the gap instead?

Phils might get shut out in this game, Narveson is a slow ball pitcher, Phils don't hit that junk.

Alright no shut out. Victorino hit one that hit the top of the wall in left, it hit just below the bottom of the foul poul.
Valdez followed with a ball in the gap in left center and it sure looked like the center fielder almost caught up to.
Then they walked Polanco to get to Pence.

He's been slumping a little but he has hit pretty good when someone is walked to get to him.

There it is, he drilled one into the alley in right center but Gomez, the center fielder who almost caught shane's ball took a bad route and if he cut it off from getting tho the wall might have held the Phils to one run there instead of two. So a triple for Pence.

Wow, Mayberry hits one to deep short that Betencourt made a nice play on with a great throw that beat him by a half step, the ump called him safe so Pence scores and it's 4-1.

Ruiz smokes a ball that bounces over the left field wall and almost hit one of the Sausages. Mayberry scores 5-1.
Dd someone say they might get shut out?

Holy mackerel, Ben Francisco even gets a hit that knocks in Ruiz.

So after the first two batters strike out they get three doubles a triple and two singles for 6 runs.

It won't stop, Martinez singles that sends Francisco to second then to third as Right fielder Hart drops the ball.
Cole strikes out to finally end the inning, Brewers strike out the side but gave up six runs.

Cole gave one back on a long opposite field homer for Corey Hart.
It's only the third time he's given up two in a game but it's two starts in a row now.

Pence added a double and an RBI in the ninth and that was all the scoring. Pence had a good game and three RBI's.

Good win for the Phils tonight with half the team not playing the bench picked up the slack.

Brewers have 4 straight losses at home now.
Hamels pitched a complete game four hitter.
I'm ready for the playoffs.

Also an amazing 44 games over .500.

Was nice to see some runs for Cole for a change.


Win 7-2
last ten 8-2
After Pence 26-9
Division up 10
Magic number 11
Playoff Magic Number 4
Record 92-48

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Game 139 Braves @ Phils

Hopefully no rain delay tonight. Looks like rain but the game is expected to go on time.

Starte on time. Not much action after five innings. Phils have
One hit the Braves no hits after five.
The one Phil hit was an Ibanez homer.

Top of the sixth Bourne leads off and immediately, in fact as the graphic is on the screen of the longest Oswalt has gone without up a hit, Bourne gets a double, then scores on a dribbler up through the middle.

Nice job Broadcast team.

In the Phils sixth Victorino gets with two outs Polanco hits one out to right, Heyward traps it but C.B. Bucknor calls it a catch.
Polanco sees it right away and I saw it on tv. I'll never understand how an umps who is right there cannot see the play correctly.
Makes no sense, anyway the umps got together and one of them over ruled it and called it a hit. Freddie Gonzalez came out to argue and got tossed from the game.

Then Utley got hit right on top of the helmet so the bases are loaded but Howard can't hit lefties and he struck out, wasn't even close to any pitches.

Braves in the seventh get a coup,l of hits and take the lead and now the home plate ump has moved the strike zone and Oswalt isn't getting the same calls as earlier in the game.

Phils still have only two hits.
Bad effort by the Phils today so far and Oswalt is having a really good game.

Bastardo is imploding in the eighth, a hit then a four pitch walk. If not for a double play on the smash Uggla just hit he would be in big trouble.

Only two hits headed to the bottom of the eighth. I wonder if theyre getting bored. They are the fastest Phils team to 90 wins, only 138 games so maybe they are losing focus. They did lose two games to Florida before this series. Seems that they aren't into the game sometimes.

MAyberry a leadoff hit off Venters.
These two guys the Braves use in the eighth and to close are really good. Kimbral is a rookie but he has 42 saves and that's a rookie record.

Valdez bunts over Mayberry.

I think this is the first time they have shown this guy on tv.
A guy dresses in full catchers gear in Carlos Ruiz uniform.

Maybe I have seen that before but I don't remember it.

Victorino swings at a ball a foot in front of the plate in the dirt, two outs.

Oh nice, Polanco shoots one into right field, short to Heyward, and he has a great arm but his throw was way offline and Mayberry ties the score.
Jeez, Francisco walks then Howard swings at three balls nowhere near the strike zone and strikes out.

It wouldn't be so annoying if he at least would swing at balls that were near the strike zone.

Ok tie score onto the ninth.

Heyward leads off with an infield hit, instead of Wheels saying that Valdez was back too far on the hit and didn't make a quick enough charge to the ball he tells us how fast Heyward is. Stop it Wheels, he isn't that fast, Valdez didn't make a good charge on the ball.

I'd like to see the numbers on lead off hitters against the Phils. Seems to me as if they always have the first batter on base a lot of innings.

Phils tie it in the eighth and then in the ninth after Pence grounded out Ibanez walked and Ruiz singled.
Ruiz has been clutch the last half of the season, seems to always get a big hit.

Up comes Ross Gload who stinks lately.

He smacked a ball down the right field line that hit the bag and went into the corner, Ibanez scores Phils win.

The weird play was in the eighth when Utley got hit. It was a fast ball and it clanked right off the top of his helmut but Chase turned to the ump and asked "where did it hit, on my head?" so he must not have known what happened and he was removed from the game after the inning with headache and as a precautionary measure.
I can't see him flying to Milwaukee tonight after that.

So 43 games over .500. They just keep adding to records every week.

I don't know what the playoff magic number is but I'm guessing it's four.
for the seconds straight year the Braves get swept by the Phils in September.


Win 3-2
last ten 7-3
After Pence 25-9
Division up 10.5
Magic number 12
Playoff Magic Number 4
Record 91-48

Game 138 Braves @ Phils

After another long rain delay, this time 1:52 minutes, they got started and Chase Utley get them on the board with a home run well over the wall in center right into the bullpen.

It was a pretty late game so I'll just make a few comments.
Worley has nine straight wins and the team is 14-0 in his last 14 starts and the fourth year in a row with 90 wins or kore another team record.

Worley had one tough inning, the sixth when with the Phils up 2-1 he loaded the bases with no outs. The Braves scored on a force out and that was all they got.
Worley is now 11-1. I don't remember ever seeing a record like that for the Phils.

They got back up to 42 games over .500, their playoff magic number is 6.


Win 6-3
last ten 7-3
After Pence 24-9
Division up 9.5
Magic number 14
Playoff Magic Number 6
Record 90-48

Monday, September 5, 2011

Game 137 Braves @ Phils

Cliff Lee on the mound against Derek Lowe.
So far Lee has been better.
The Phils got two in the first. The braves didn't.

The strike zone has been a tad small in the first few innings.

Hopefully tonight they will be back to normal. Those last two games in Florida were bad, they seemed completely disinterested in being there.
Also apparently the Phils have been denied their protest according to Howard Eskin today on WIP.
They said during the broadcast one mayor the other.

Bottom of the fourth the Phils get two more runs both unearned. Mayberry walked and Ruiz got on by an error, Martinez bunted them over but Lee grounded out.
Victorino has been 9-12 with two outs runners in scoring position, now he is 10-13.
Then he almost scored from second on a wild pitch. He was stealing third and slid at third or he probably would have been safe, well he probably was safe anyway but was called out.
Lowe took the throw from MCCann but Shane bounced around him and got his hand on the plate a split second before the tag.

Lowe looks bad tonight, chase just smacked a ball of the top of the right field fence. I was surprised the ball was able to bounce so far back towards the infield and that the center fielder was no where in sight.

They walk Howard for a double play but Pence lines a ball that went right over first base for a double and his third RBI of the game.
Mayberry walked again so loaded with one out for Ruiz.

Carlos has been hitting great the second half this season and has his average up to .281.
He singled and knocked on two more 7-0.
Howard homered so it's 8-0 and Cliff Lee is headed to the ninth trying for another shut out, but before that happens the Phils have tacked on another run in the eighth and the fans are doing a mock-chop.

Utley and Howard just crushed balls that just died out to center field.
On to the ninth.

An easy 1-2-3 ninth and Cliff Lee gets his 6th shut out of the season.
He might be moving in to a top contender for Cy young. These are the kind of games that I expect Halladay to be pitching but he isn't.

After those two miserable games against the Marlins they come home and murder the Braves today and knock two more off the magic number.

Howard homered, Pence three RBI's Utley a few hits.
And one last thing, Cliff Lee now has another long scoreless streak at 29.2 innings.

Win 9-0
last ten 6-4
After Pence 23-9
Division up 8.5
Magic number 16
Record 89-48

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Game 136 Phils @ Marlins

This game has started off as usual for Roy Halladay.
He starts the game by allowing a hit to the first batter of the game again a triple. Next guy singles and they get. 1-0 lead to start it off for Florida.

Phils get it back in the top of the second. After one out Ruiz singled then Valdez singled. Halladay tries to bunt them over.
Then we a re treated to a Greg Dobbs specialty. His patented pickup the grounder at third then throw it into the runner, wild allowing the batter to get on, a run to score and a runner goes to third, tie score.
After Victorino strikes out Martinez gets a single to give them a 2-1 lead.

Ryan Howard struck out on a ball two feet outside and in the dirt to lead off the third and threw his bat near the Marlins dugout on the swing.
Also during the inning two people got hit in the stands. One a little boy hit on the shoulder with a line drive foul and the other a woman was hit in the head with a piece of a bat that broke off but the EMT were still holding an ice pack on the boy's shoulder and it took 10-15 minutes to get over to the woman.

In the bottom of the third Roy Halladay seems to have lost concentration again for a pitch. After he gave up a two out double a ball was bounced to Howard. He tossed it to Halladay for the out at first but the throw was a tad low but catchable. Roy dropped it for an error and a run scores. He agrees with Joe West the first base ump but I'm not sure about what.
So a tie score 2-2 after three.

Top of the sixth, Howard gets a walk then Pence hits a ball to the wall and a fan interferes with the right fielder and stops him from catching the ball. They end up with second and third.
Trader Jack asked the umps to review the play but I thought only home run plays could be reviewed. Scott Franske on the radio just said he thinks a fan interfering can be reviewed too. The ball either would be caught or hit the top if the fence but clearly not over the fence if the fan doesn't hit it.

Charlie is going to get toss I think, they called Pence out and Howard has to go back to first and Charlie is thrown out for continuing to argue with Joe West.

I think the Phils are going to protest the game. Charlie went back to argue more and Pete Mackanin just went out to continue the argument.

Charlie is still standing on the bench and the rule was just on tv and the replay can only be used for a home run call and not for fan interference.
It's been about ten minutes and the umps ar still talking amongst themselves and the Phils have made an official protest.

The game just resumed and the Phils fans are very loudly booing.

Ibanez doubled and Howard gets to third. He doesn't score because he just can't run right now.
That ball rattled around in the right field corner and Howard still couldn't score. Wow.
So now that have second and third one out in stead of no outs. And no runs yet.
Ruiz was walked to load the bases, one out.

So if the Phils win the game they probably pull back the protest but if they lose and win the protest thegame will be resumes from the point of that play putting Pence on second and Howard on third.

Anyway Valdez hits a grounder to second and a very easy inning ending double play, so they get nothing out of that.

The Phils filed a protest claiming the umps incorrectly used the replay rule as it clearly states it can only be used for home runs and not for fan interference.

I doubt they will win the protest, but the call on the field was a double and not a home run so I don't know how the umps can say they were reviewing the play for anything but interference. Jack McKeown surely didn't want the ball to be called a home run

Halladay is not pitching as good as he should be again today. He gets two outs in the sixth then gives up three straight hits to let the Marlins get the 3-2 lead. He won't be winning the Cy Young this season.

He got the out to end the inning but not good enough, poor effort by Halladay today. He ran to first on a ball he caught to touch the ase for the first out and he looked like he was winded. They said it was hot there today. Since that game in Chicago he has not been great and looks winded when the temp is up higher then a normal temp.

It's raining and Joe West is finally calling for the lights to be turned on.

So now they have to delay the game and wait for the lights to come on because you can't turn them on in the middle of an inning.
The new guy Bowker is hitting for Halladay, so he's done after six inning.

He strikes out on a ball a foot outside.

Top of the seventh the Phils have second and third again this time with two outs, Ryan Howard is up.
He comes through, that was a huge hit to knock in both runners and get a 4-3 lead.
Halladay is off the hook but is in line for the win.

The Phils just put Schwimer in the game. I know they sent him down last week but I didn't know they brought him back.
I don't understand what he is doing in the game, what's wrong with Stutes?
Now Dobbs doubles and have second and third. Why is Schwimer in the game?
I'm pretty sure he has given up a home run every time he has pitched.

A fielder's choice gets Dobbs running to third but the run scores and no chance again for a win for Halladay.
I'm very confused, I know Manual was tossed but you can't tell me he isn't running the team from the club house. Wo makes the decision to put a specific player/pitcher in the game?

Now he walked the bases loaded, isn't there another pitcher?
Struck out Buck.

Raul leads off the eighth with a line drive single.
Ruiz pops up a bunt that lands fair halfway up the line and rolls foul but Ruiz didn't run so he's out at first. Then Ross Gload who can't hit but still keeps his job flys out, then Polanco dribbles out.

Extra innings tied at four.
Howard leads off the tenth with a walk but Pence who has been terrible lately hit a double play.
Ryan was walking very slow and has a slight limp. His feet must be killing him.

Oh man Ibanez smacked a ball that looked gone but it just died at the edge of the track.

I'm not liking the way this game is going.
I think the Phils only have one pitcher left after Stutes. It's Herndon. They showed him walking in and he doesn't loom like he wants to be in then game, head down walking slow.
First pitch, base hit.

Tom McCarthy just said Herndon last night, "got hit around a little bit" really a little bit?

Alright lead off double for Martinez in the 12th.
Oh man, Utley pops out and Howard walked then Pence pops out to right, Ibanez grounds out to the pitcher, weak.

Hmm, Marlins get a leadoff hit and then bunt him over to second.....with the pitcher up next.

Pitcher bounced one over to Polanco and he booted it, runners on the corners one out.
An intentional walk to load the bases. I blame this all on Herndon for the leadoff hit even though it was a shot that bounced off his arm he still allowed the ball to be hit so hard.

Oh a pop up at home plate, there's still a chance......
Greg Dobbs better not win this game.

Whoa Dobbs flies out to left.

Herndon still causing his own messes. He hits the leadoff guy to start the 13th.
This is going to be it another hit and runners on the corners put a fork in it.

Short line drive out to Ibanez and a intentional walk to load the bases again.
Another short line drive out this time to Pence.
Their pitcher is up and he bounces a ball to Martinez at short who throws to second barely forcing out the runner and somehow
Herndon gets out of another impossible jam.

This can't keep going on like this, they better score a run soon, Herndon can't continue his Houdini bit much longer.
Nothing in the 14th so Herndon comes out for the bottom of the inning.

Leadoff walk, bunt to second, intentional walk.
Scorching line drive to Ibanez that he catches on his knees almost doubled off Bonifacio.
After three pitches out of the zone they intentionally walk another batter, that's five IW for Herndon.
Walked Mike Cameron to force in the winning run. Walked four in the inning.

So there it is another bad loss, a two game losing streak another series loss.

I don't have anything else to add, that game was terrible.


Loss 5-4
last ten 6-4
After Pence 22-9
Division up 7.5
Magic number 18
Record 88-48

Game 135 Phils @ Marlins

Oh brother, I don't even know what happened in this game it was so quick at the end there.
Well start at the early part of the game first.
They took a three zip lead in the second but gave up 2 then 1 run each of the next two innings on two home runs allowed by Hamels.
Cole was sharp after that and pitched a good seven innings only giving up three hits but those two homers hurt.

Hamels also had two hits and two RBI's and left the game with the lead 4-3.

Bastardo walked the first two in the eighth and Chalie pulled him for Herndon.

Herndon had just about the worst half inning I've seen in a long time he gave up a bomb for a three run homer to the first guy then two solo blasts after that.
I guess Manual thought that Bastardo had pitched the last two games so he didn't want to leave him in any longer.
Herndon had been pitching well lately but tonight he just was amazingly bad.

Also Victorino, Polanco and Pence were 0-12 and Pence struck out 3 times.

So again Hamels pitches well enough to win but the team either doesnt score or the bullpen blows it.

Loss 8-4
last ten 6-4
After Pence 22-8
Division up 8.5
Magic number 18
Record 88-47

Friday, September 2, 2011

Game 134 September 2nd Phils @ Marlins

The Phils pick up a run in the first after Victorino led off with a triple then Polanco sac flies him in.
Marlins tie it up in the second after a lead off double then he scores on a double play.

Oswalt looks a little off again tonight, like he's going to be working out of trouble a lot again.

odd play in the second, leadoff walk. For Florida, tries to steal second but Ruiz makes a bad throw, guy heads to third but Valdez throws him out.
Then the home plate ump sends him back to first as apparently the batter hit Ruiz with his backswing. Batter is out by rule and the runner goes back to the last base he legally touched.

Oswalt gave up another leadoff double and he went to third on a ground out, then scored on another ground out.
Tat was right after Stanton mashed a ball just foul that would have been a looking home run.
Then Morrison tripled, Oswalt isn't agreeing with the home plate ump.
End of three 2-1 Fish and they have 6 hits already. Oswalt has given up career high 12 hits twice this year including his last start.

In the first they hit this guy, Hand around pretty good but nothing since then.

Oswalt is only getting it up to just about 90-91 so far with a couple of 93's and 76 pitches already after four.

Top five, the Phils have finally figured this guy out and after Pence leads off and gets of from an error, Mayberry socked a ball over the big wall in left center. Ruiz then smacked a ball past third for a hit. Valdez scorched one to the wall in left for a double, second and third not outs for Oswalt.
Oops that didn't go well. They walked Victorino to load the bases but Polanco hit a short pop to center, they sent Ruiz and he was out, not by much but he was out. Inning ending fly out double play.

Utley leads off the sixth with a ball hitting him on the back right between the 2 and the 6.
THen two walks to load 'em up for Mayberry, he gets a sac fly RBI.

Oswalt ends up throwing an affective 6.1 only gave up three runs and the bullpen only gave up one hit.
Mayberry has three RBI's and they only had seven hits to the Marlins nine.

The big news is that they are 42 games over .500 for the first time EVER.
they just keep chuggin' along even wi all the players that keep going on the DL. Including the latest with Rollins still there.
And now they have five wins in a row to start the 33 in 31.

I am in awe right now, I thought they would be good this year but I never expected the season to go like this.
They havent lost more then two in a row since early June I think.

Win 5-3
last ten 7-3
After Pence 22-7
Division up 8.5
Magic number 19
Record 88-46

Game 133 Phils @ Reds

I didn't watch the game this time, it was a day game and we were out all day somit was radio for this one.

The Phils haven't swept a four game series in Cincinnati since 1916. There's another mark they have demolished this season. They also have not lost a four game series yet this season.

They got to a 6-1 lead on a homer from Ryan and Martinez and a RBI hit form Worley.

Vance Worley is 10-1 and the Phils have won 13 consecutive times he has pitched.

Bastardo is 6-0 with a 1.38 ERA in 55 appearances this season. He has struck out 65 batters in 52 1/3 innings.
He came in the game in the seventh and got a DP to end the inning, he then struck out the side in the eighth.

Opponents are hitting just .112 against him. That's the lowest opponent batting average of any pitcher with at least 50 innings pitched in any season in baseball history.
Madson got the save.

The best part is that for only for the third time in their history they are 41 games over .500, I can't believe it.

Win 6-4
last ten 7-3
After Pence 21-7
Division up 7.5
Magic number 21
Record 87-46

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Game 132 Phillies @ Reds

I love seeing the Reds stadium. The smokestacks in the outfield area look great.
Well they are actually steam stacks meant to simulate a steam boat.
The top of each stack has seven bats each a total of fourteen to honor Pete Rose, his number was 14.

I really like the red seats, they look great on tv and I can't wait till I get to see them in person some day.

I wish the Phils did red seats and not those dull looking blue seats.

Hunter Pence just hit his seventh home run as a Phil. He "Tommy hawked" a ball over the opposite field wall.
Dontrelle Willis is pitching for the Reds and he's looking pretty good tonight.
Has a bunch of K's including two for Howard.
The Phils loaded the bases with only one out in the first but only got one run on a ground out from Howard.
After six innings both teams only have four hits each but Cliff Lee has spread out the Red's hits better.

Willis is out with two outs in the seventh. Got a nice hand from the tiny crowd there.
He pitched a decent game but the Phils just impose their will on teams sometimes and they are doing it tonight
and the first three games of this series.

Whoa, that ninth inning was wacky. Lee looks headed for his sixth shut out is year, he gets the first two outs but Votto doubles, Bruce walked then on an 0-2 pitch he hits Cairo.
So bases loaded two outs.
Lee is out of the game. Madson comes in and gets the save.

Yikes they had the winning run at the plate. That was just an unlucky ninth for Lee.

18th shut out this season.
Cliff Lee threw 8.2 scoreless innings. 30.2 straight scoreless innings on the road.
Lee went 5-0 with a 0.21 ERA in June and 5-0 with a 0.45 ERA in August to join Bob Gibson and Walter Johnson as the only three pitchers in baseball history to be 5-0 with an ERA under 1.00 in two separate months in the same season.
Gibson in 1968: June (6-0, 0.50 ERA) and July (6-0, 0.50 ERA).
Johnson in 1913: April (5-0, 0.24 ERA) and July (6-0, 0.81 ERA).

Odd play in the fourth. Lee hit a grounder to second but in stead of running it out he waved it off and turned and walked to the dugout.

The Phils are 40 games over .500 for the first time since 1977.
The 19th shut out the season.

Split W L RS RA WP
Home 46 22 321 211 .676
Road 40 24 275 218 .625

Month by Month
Split W L RS RA WP
April 18 8 120 88 .692
May 16 13 107 104 .552
June 17 10 102 71 .630
July 17 8 138 94 .680
August 18 7 129 72 .720

Win 3-0
last ten 6-4
After Pence 20-7
Division up 7.5
Magic number 22
Record 86-46

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Game 131 Phillies @ Reds

Phils go down meekly in the first, well Utley did get a cheap bloop hit.

Then as usual Halladay gave up a hit to the first batter again. Then Renteria flys out and Halladay walks Votto.

Doesn't look like the eight day rest has helped Roy. I'll be very disappointed if he doesn't win this game and pitch like a Cy Young candidate.
Now he walked Votto it's only the 24th walk he has given up and now two straight.
Ron Culpa has a small zone so far.

2-0 to Jay Bruce, I don't like the way this is going.
Wow he just murdered a ball that went well out but was about ten feet foul.

I've been wondering if he has a dead arm thing but he did just have those 8 days since his last start.

Struck out Bruce on a back foot curve ball that was a ball.

Roy got Miguel Cairo to bounce one right to him so he gets out of the inning but it was a struggle.

Fourth inning the phillies finally break through. Utley slaked then Howard broke a Phillies record with a home run.
Most consecutive seasons of 100 RBI's at six.

That homer was only two rows deap but it was a very high home run.
They really opened it up in the sixth. A Pence homer then they get the bases loaded for Halladay.
He still doesn't have an RBI. Well now he has three after the bases clearing double.

Bronson Arroyo looks to be headed to 1-7 against the Phils.

Roy gave up a hit to start the game and here in the seventh still no more hits.

Ibanez just got his third hit, a home run to give them an 8-0 lead. A quick line drive over near the foul pole in right.

The eighth for the Reds is interesting. A leadoff double, then a walk and a hit batter, bases loaded no outs.
Halladay got out of it. Two strikeouts then a ground out.

Great outing by Halladay after that very shaky first inning.

Lidge pitched the eighth and didn't screw anything up so that was good.

The icing on the cake was a one out bolt by Howard for his 29th home run.
The Braves lost tonight some pick up two on the magic number.
Team shut out number 18.
14-3 last 17 road games.

Win 9-0
Last ten 7-4
After Pence 19-7
Division 7.5 up
Magic number 23
Record 85-46

Game 130 Phila @ Cincinatti

Thanks to hurricane Irene they haven't played since Friday night. They lost that game so a one game writes loss becomes a series loss.

Anyway tonight started a stretch to the end of the season of 33 games in 31 days.

Another standard game with no flash this team is all business even when they lose.

Hamels came off the DL tonight to start first time in over two weeks.
He pitched six innings and was sharp. Would have had a shut out for six innings except for the fly ball that Pence played into a triple with no outs. He over ran a ball then slipped when he tried to catch it. Only gave up two hits and struck out seven.

The Phils tied it in the fifth and took the lead for good when Victorino hit a two run homer.

Bastardo pitched In the seventh which I thought was odd and Stutes in the eighth, also odd.
Madson got the save.

I'm glad Hamels is back and I hope he is as good as he looked tonight. They need him to make up for Oswalt who is really an unknown at this point.

Halladay tomorrow on 8 days rest then Lee after that also on a long break because of all the rain lately.

Win 3-2
Last ten 6-4
After Pence 18-7
Division 6.5 up
Magic number 25
Record 84-46

Friday, August 26, 2011

Game 129 Fish @ Phils

Marlins get a cheap first inning run.
A few bloop hits and Another error by the fill-in shortstop. I think this is the third straight game the fill in has erred. And think each time has led to a run, maybe not, not sure.

On the Phils side the marlins pitcher is throwing a 65 mph curve ball and two outs I tomthe second the Phils are already looking stupid, swinging at balls way off the plate.

Finally, Valdez just hit a 1-1 pitch in his eyeballs out to tie the game.

Oswalt is getting hit hard. If Victorino wasn't able to run down to deep fly balls this game would be much worse then it is right now.
Stanton just hit a ball so hard that it went by Pence on a hop and pence was standing right next to the spot were the ball hit.
Then Dobbs doubles him in for his second hit already.

Can anyone tell me why Ryan Howard still only has 26 home runs?

They just walked the 8- hole hitter to set up a force with the pitcher up but Oswalt crossed up Ruiz and threw a wild pitch moving both runners up. He grounds to Polanco who would have had an easy force at third but because of the wild pitch he throws to first and it's a pretty close play.

The Phils need to snap out of it. They have been really average the last week and a half or two weeks. They almost looked bored.

The Phils aren't doing anything maybe because the Marlins pitcher is throwing a 65 mph curve ball. Oswalt has been letting base runners on the whole game and is maybe a pitch or two from letting the Marlins blow the game open.
Hensler, his 1-5 record and nearly 6 era has only given up one hit through five.

I sure hope they have someone up in the pen because Oswalt just gave up three hits in a row to start the top,of the sixth, bases loaded no outs.
The Phils sure don't look like they plan on getting any more runs tonight so this is trouble.

And there it is, like I said one pitch away from this game getting blown open. John Buck just hit a grand slam and just like that it's 6-1.

Polanco gets a standing ovation for getting the Phils second hit with two outs in the sixth.

Then Utley doubles but for some reason Polanco couldn't score even with him running on two outs.

I guess they're gonna have a losing streak for the first time in a long time.

Ryan Howard is up. Why don't I expect him to do much here?
I guess I reversed jinxed it, just as I typed that he homered now it's 6-4. HR off a left hander.

Pence gets an infield single.
It's about time in this game they showed a heart beat.

Hope it's not too little too late.
Rally still going.
Mayberry smoked a ball off the shortstops glove that went all the way into the left field alley. Pence to third, Mayberry to second still 2 outs.
Ruiz is up.
He popped up.
Oh well they got to 6-4.
Can the pen Hold down the Mighty Marlins?

Hmm, Herndon strikes out Stanton but then Dobbs doubles. He has four hits in the games.
Herndon gets out of the inning and actually has a 12 inning scoreless streak.

At least the Mets are up 4-0 in the seventh and the Braves only have 1 hit and no walks.

Another two out rally going, eighth inning.
First and third after Polanco got on on an error. Howard struck out but that second strike was a ball. The third strike was a good call.
Then Pence gets the two out hit.
Mayberry takes a called third strike right down the middle to kill the rally.

On to the ninth.

Phils get a one out thing going. Raul single then Martinez doubles to knock one in, but Victorino pops out to right and Polanco dribbles out to short.

Dobbs has four hits the Phils can't get anything against the guy who is 1-5 now 2-5 and and era close to 6.
Good thing the Braves lost or the lead would only be 5.
Two game losing streak

Loss 6-5
Last twelve 6-6
After Pence 17-7
Division 6 up
Magic number 26
Record 83-46