Thursday, September 15, 2011

Game 148 Marlins @ Phils Second game of day nighter

After three innings both teams have two hits.
The Phils have hammered a few balls that probably would have been well out, but tonight the wind is Gail force blowing straight in.
One ball actually was blown back towards the infield in left.

Lee is having a really good game but the Phils keep hitting balls in the air and they're getting knocked down and caught.
Except for the fourth when the Marlins pitcher struck out the side.

Finally in the sixth the Phils break through literally.
Mayberry smacked a ball right down towards the left field foul pole that just got inside the pole.
One zip Phils.
Pence follows with a smash that the first baseman mishandled and then he didn't go after it so Pence runs to second base.
ThAt was it for the inning.

Cliff Lee is phenomenal. He never looks like he is working hard, he's just smooth.
Today he is pitching a shut out after eight, has 11 strike outs for the 18th time in his career, tenth with the Phils and ninth this year.
Has retired ten in a row going into the ninth.

Ninth inning, Lee gets ahead of the first batter 0-2. Seems like every batter has been down 0-2. Strike out number 12.
He throws one up and in on the 0-2 pitch then paints the outside corner for called strike three.

Stanton hit a clothesline out to Ibanez that was a seed. Raul dove to his left after taking about four steps and caught the ball just beforeit hit the turf.

Oh my goodness.
Lee just let them tie the game on another 0-2 pitch on a home run by Lopez.
This was like a playoff game with the anticipation of another Cliff Lee shut out.
For the second time this season he misses a complete game shut out with two outs in the ninth. Oh My.
That is like a punch in the face.
It was a bad pitch. Was supposed to be low and outside but it was up and right over the plate and Lopez nailed it.

The only way I could imagine Lee comig back out is if they get a run here, but it is really unlikely that would happen.
Now this could be a long game.

Schimer is in for the Phils so, well who knows.

What a sucker punch, this should be over and the 22nd shut out for the Phils.

It took one extra inning for the Phils to win tonight. Martinez leads off with a walk and Ryan Howard smokes one into the gap that brings I Martinez for the win. That ball was a bolt.
A bunch of balls were hit a ton tonight I wonder what this game would have look like with the wind blowing normally.

Anyway they match the win total from last season at 97 with 14 games left and they have won more only twice 101 in both 1976 and 1977. This is the third time for 97 wins.

It's a shame Lee didn't win the game but at least they did win after all. Michael Schwimer gets his first big league win.


Win 2-1
last ten 7-3
After Pence 31-12
Division up 12
Magic number 2
Best record magic number 3
Record 97-51

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