Game 26 Mets @ Phils April 30th

A quick note as we're getting ready to head out. Just now in the third inning Roy Halladay threw the first ball of the game for him with two outs and one strike on Reyes.
The crowd booed.
announcer guy says, this is an exact quote, "as he finally misses and a sarcastic raspberry comes up from the phillie fans, this afternoon. That's a well earned reputation, you know better then anyone Tim, Philly fans hate the reputation they have for the whole booing of Santa Claus. They can't stand hearing the story. Every announcer that comes into this town tells it, and you get a guy out there that's thrown 18 straight strikes and the next pitch misses and they boo him. SARCASTICALLY , might I add."

So moving on, as I pointed out yesterday it was a record month for the Phils.  They end up with 18 wins after beating the Mets tonight.

It was 1-0 until the seventh, Mayberry jr. led off with a home run to tie the game, then they loaded the bases for Polanco to get a sac fly and a 2-1 lead.

Halladay had another great performance. First 18 pitches for a strike. First time since 1991 that has happened. Sid Fernandez. 
Of his first 50 pitches 44 were for a strike.
Of 107 thrown only 27 were for a ball, and that includes in the ninth when his first six were a ball.

Polanco had two more hits and has 41 for the month and is hitting .398

Mood is good. Very exciting month with the 18-8 record and some of the other hitting stats they have including Howard leading the league with 27 RBI's and Polanco leading in hits.

Win 2-1
Streak is 3 wins

Record 18-8 first in division and tied with Cleveland over all.