Game 23 Phils @ Arizona - April 26 2011

I did not watch tonight's game live. I was too much into watching game seven of the Flyers/Sabres series. The flyers won easily 5-2. Then after that I watched the Blackhawks try to come back from a 3-0 deficit, they didn't. 

I record every Phils games so I went through it rather quickly from the dvr.
Oswalt gave up five and left the game after three innings. No word on if his back was acting up or not.
By the ninth it was 7-3 and a 2 run homer from Francisco didn't matter it was too late.
They managed 12 hits and five runs and scored more then four in almost two weeks.
Raul was  0-4 and looks just about done.
This is one of those crazy parts in a season that don't make sense. Arizona loses four straight to the Mets and then takes two in a row from the Phils.

You have to Start wondering about the lack of hitting very soon.
After losing they dropped to second place by a half game for the first time this season. 

Mood I'm concerned, these guys need to get more then 2 or 3 hits in an inning very soon.

Lose 7-5
Streak two loses
Record 15-8 second place one half game behind Florida