Game 25 Mets @ Phils April 29th - 3 games

The bad news is that Blanton was put on the DL today, the good news is that Blanton was put on the DL today.
Vance Worley called up to take his spot and has looked good, 1 hit given up after five so far.
Even though he's been starting in the minors I expect Manual to take him out early as he always does with these call up pitchers. 
Rollins looks to be hitting the ball with a couple of early hits.
Ibanez has already struck out twice and popped out to center in third at bat. 
Ryan Howard hit a line drive homer into the upper deck about five rows back. 

Palfrey lost his cool again as he seems to do every time against the Phils these days. Pulled in the fifth trailing 4-0.

In the end this was one of those history games.
Polanco had two hits to give him the Phils record for a month at 39.
Ryan Howard had two homers including his tenth slam that is continuing his career record for a phillie.
Oh, Polanco also has 18 RBI's and that is a career high for him.
Howard has 27 RBI's in April a team record.
I almost forgot, Howard now has 259 career home runs, only one other Phillie had more.  He is now tied with Del Ennis for second place, won't be for long I'm sure.

This win was the teams 17th also tying the team record from 1993.

Only things bad were the two first inning errors and the three runs on two homers Herndon gave up in the ninth.

Herndon is a rule five from last year, but they don't have to keep him up this season and I wish they would send him down. He's got nothing. 
He isn't getting anyone out this year.

Worley did come out after six but he had over 100 pitches. He did have a 4-0 
Lead and only gave up 2 hits.

Phils had 10 hits, 10 runs, 7 walks and 10 RBI's. 

Mood thrilled to see them clobber the Mets again. They've outscored them  31-10. 

Halladay and Lee the next two games.
Also Andre Ethier on the Dodgers has a current 25 game hit streak

Win 10-3
streak 2 wins
Record 17-8 tied for best with Cleveland and half game ahead of the Marlins.