Game 27 Mets @ Phils Sunday night  May 1st ESPN game.

During the pre game Bobby Valentine already said Howard has only four home runs, he has six.
In the first inning he called Polanco, Paulino the name of the Mets catcher.

Lee allowed a double to Reyes to start, walked second guy and on a full count (third  straight batter) got an on a called strike.
He threw 34 pitches in the first inning and has been off the whole game.
Getting behind hitters and giving up leadoff hits.

The Phils only have two hits through six so this might be another game that they won't do anything till late or if the starter comes out if the game.
Raul is 0-33 and is down to .156

In the seventh the Phils loaded them all on walks with one out, but Raul struck out, and Schneider also struck out. 
It's so annoying how they make these average pitchers look like the greatest.
Plus turning journey men like Ronny Paulino look like triple crown winners.

Bastardo looked like he was going to go back to last years self after a hit and a walk but he them struck out the next two.

He has 18 K's in 11 innings.

Jason Isringhausen is in for the Mets. He was originally a Met 16 years ago and was a highly rated prospect. I didn't know he was back on the Mets.

Ryan Howard knocked in a run with two outs to tie the game. 
It's now in extra innings and I'm watching a press conference announcing the killing of Osama Bin Laden by President Obama.
Around 10:45 I got a text from a friend complaining that the Apprentice was 
pre-empted  to announce the killing of Obama Bin Laden. 
I couldn't tell if she was actually annoyed or was being sarcastic but she seemed irritated that the show was taken off for the news about Bin Laden.

I would have eventually heard the news because during the Phils game the fans starting chanting USA USA USA and finally the ESPN guys had to address what was going on.

It's now 12:30 am Monday morning and I am switching back and forth from the news and the Phils game.
I'm about 45 minutes delayed on the Phils and it's now the bottom of the 11th still tied at one.

Uhhh, I  just hit the wrong button on the remote and went live and it's STILL tied in the bottom of the 13th and two outs.

So as I mentioned earlier they can make a guy like Ronny Paulino look like a superstar. Today 5-7 including the game winning hit in the 14th inning.
The Phils apparently didn't have anyone left so Cole Hamels had to pinch hit, he grounded out.

14 innings and one run against the Mets, nice job. Thanks Kendrick for coming in and giving up three hits and a smoker to center that Victorino had to track down.
Great job Kendrick(sarcasm).

 Mood is split, Bin Laden is dead that overshadows everything tonight but I'm still ticked that they can't score 2 runs against the Mets and let Paulino go 5-7. 

Loss 2-1
Streak 1 loss
Record 18-9