Friday, September 16, 2011

Game 149 Cards @ Phils

The Phils are in the verge of clinching the division.
The magic number is 2 at the start of the game.
Braves are home against the Mets and the Mets have already scored four in the first.

Ance Worley going tonight. I'm not real thrilled with the way he's pitching. He was fine in the first but threw nearly 30 pitches in the second and already has a bunch in the third. Pujols singled again and is 2-2 already.
Worley is pitching from behind to a lot of hitters.

I guess that's better then out of the park.

He's missing with his cutter that he uses with two strikes. It moves from off the plate to the corner but he's not getting is spot.

Third inning, Pujols tried to get to third from first on a single right in front of him to left that Francisco didn't charge but he made an accurate throw and Pujols was out.

Worley gets through six with about 100 pitches so won't pitch more then one more inning. He's done well holding the cards to 1 run. Pujols has three singles.

They took him out anyway then Furcal leads off by bunting a ball over Jimmy Rollins head then gets to second on a wild pitch.
I don't remember seeing anyone bunt a ball that far in the air for a hit.

Holy Toledo, the Cards just grounded into their 160th double play, ends the inning. Good job Herndon getting out of bases loaded one out spot.

Phils only have four hits.

Mets lead the Braves 10-2 so looks like the Phils will clinch a tie for the division tonight.

Oh boy, Mayberry led off the seventh with a single and Francisco smacked one that just died right at the wall left. It looked like he killed It too, and now Mayberry is out at second on a ball that bounced at the plate but not far enough away.

Bastardo continues to stink as of late and gives up a long home run to Molina that hit pretty far up on the foul pole in left.

They way the Phils have been hitting this looks bad.

Bottom of the eighth and Rollins struck out again on a ball bouncing two feet off the plate. The Phils do that a lot.
Anyway Victorino gets on and moves to second on a wild pitch, one out.
Utley dribbles a weak ball to the pitcher, two outs.
Would be nice to hit a ball to the right side so the runner in second could have gone to third. Sheesh.

Cards bring in Octavio Dotel for Pence, Pence is 0-3 with three K's against him. Oh man Pence just cracked a ball that was almost higher then the pole but it was about ten feet foul. I thought it might hit the Gulf sign.

Struck him out on a ball that was in. They really are not hitting anything right now.

Manual has been saying form the last two weeks that they will continue to play the same as normal he last two weeks but don't think so. I'm seeing Howard getting rested every other game and same with Polanco and Ruiz and Francisco has been getting a lot of time.

Lidge is in for the ninth and got then first out after getting behind 3-1.
I guess Ryan Howard will pinch hit in the ninth, but even if they get a runner on I'm not sure they can get two or three hits in one inning tonight to score a run.
A smash at Mayberry that he drops and Lidge doesn't cover so no they have two on two outs.
No reason for that. A guy who has been around as long as Lidge should be over there. Anyway he gets out of the inning.

Ugh Polanco line a ball k to right but their right fielder was very shallow and caught it easily.
Mayberry whiffs at two right down the middle, two outs.
Howard is up as a pinch hitter.

Ryan gets a double but he was safe by an inch, almost thrown out.
Can they do it?

Holy crap. Ruiz lines a ball to right field right on the line, deep and Corey Patterson gets to the ball but takes it a little awkwardly and dropped it.
I think he took his eye off it for a split second and he might have looked at the wall.
Oh well Gload goes down in three pitches and swings at one two feet outside.

Disaster in the eleventh Schwimer comes in and coughs it up. He gives up a two runs including a ball that bounced off Martinez' glove after hitting the chain fence above the left field wall, it then stayed on top of the wall and rolled about six feet before falling to the track.
Martinez took a few seconds to find it which let another run score.
So 4-2 going to the bottom of the eleventh.
Two outs runner on first for the imposing John Bowker. Snort.

That's it. Bowker and Schwimer really?

Schwimer gave up a homer to the first batter he faced but looked good in that game and yesterday but he just isn't ready to be up here and it's obvious. I am confused as to why he is on the roster and keeps pitching in important spots.


Loss 4-2
last ten 6-4
After Pence 31-13
Division up 12
Magic number 1
Best record magic number 3
Record 97-52

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