Game 24 Phils @ Arizona April 27, 2011

I listened to most of the  game on the radio as we where out and about today.
Radio for the Phils might be better then tv.
On the radio I don't have to hear "Wheels" and maybe better then that, I  don't have to hear Tom McCarthy, zzzzzzzzzzz. 
Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson are a blast to listen to. 

12 hits again, 3 runs in the First, one more in the second.
Cole gave up a homer in the second but that was it until 2 more in the sixth.
Seven innings only four hits, three runs eight K's and one walk.
Another great start for Hamels. 

Polanco had four hits and Howard homered, first time in about fifty at bats.
Polanco is hitting .389.
Ibanez struck out as a ph and is hitting .169  running his slump to 0-for-26 and 4-for-45.
Ruiz left the game with a stiff back and he is now 0-21. 
Bastardo finally gave up a run but struck out two for 16 in 10.1 innings

Mood still concerned about the hitting. The pitching will be there, the hitting, not so much unless they can play all day games.

Night game record is 7-8
Day game record is 9-0

Win 8-4
streak 1 win
Record 16-8