My Phillies Game by Game review: games 2 through 22 catching up.

GAME 2 - Phils/Astros

Cliff Lee in his return gives up 3 runs in 7 innings but the Phils score 2 in the first and role to an easy 9-4 win.

This is what we are all expecting.

Mood is confident very exciting.

Record 2-0

GAME 3 - Phils/Astros

Holly and I went to this game and sat right behind the left field foul pole. We did leave early because it was just too cold and the wind and smoke from the smoker’s area was lowing right on us the entire game.

When I bought the tickets I messed up and got the wrong game. It was supposed to e game two Lee’s first game back but I hit the wrong button when I ordered them.  It’s fine because it was a good game.

Another good start, in the first as  Howard pops a 3 run homer and two batters later Ben Francisco adds another with his first home run of the season.

In Oswalt's first start against his former team he gives Up 2 runs in 6 innings for the win.

The Phils hold on for a 7-4 win.

Mood is very high. How can it not be after watching what amounts 3 guys who can start an all star game, start the first 3 games of the season for my home team.

Record 3-0

GAME 4 - Phils/Mets

3 games against the Mets at Citizen Bank Park but game one has Hamels who is only 2-9 lifetime against the Mets.

The first two innings were fine if not a little shaky. Then comes the third andthe Mets blew Hamels up for 6 runs.

Oddly, Hamels was soundly booed as he went off the field and nearly two weeks later it's still discusse on WIP.

Phils lose 7-1

Mood, surprise not expecting to win every games but also didn't expect Cole to get killed in his first start. It was a very cold night so maybe he just couldn't get loose.

Record 3-1

GAME 5 - Phils/Mets

Phils jump out to an early 7-0 lead but today Big Joe Blanton is on the mound and he quickly gives up 2 in the fourth and 5 more in the fifth inning to let the Mets tie it up.

Great job Joe.

Phils get two right away in the bottom of the fifth and add an insurance run in the sixth

And hold on for the win.

16 hits and 3 RBI's for Polanco.

Phils win 10-7

Mood is annoyed because Blanton does what he seems to be prone and that is give up a bunch of runs in one inning really fast.

Record 4-1

GAME 6 - Phils/Mets

Polanco has four RBI's, totals 8 for the series and Valdez gets four hits as the Phils smoke the mets 11-0.

This was fun to watch. Halladay looks like a god on the mound and the Phils get 16 hits 2 days straight.

The Mets stink and might end up in last place behind the Nationals.

Mood WOW of course I expected them to be good but mostly on the pitching, no one expected them to score this many runs.

Record 5-1

GAME 7 - Phils/Braves

Big match up, Lee vs Lowe.

Unfortunately Cliff Lee had one of his worst starts in years.

The Phils took a 3-0 lead after the top of the second but Lee couldn't hold it. He gave up to three himself in the second and didn't look very good, he was off and was missing his spots.

Lee gave up three more in the fourth but had a shot to get out of the inning with no runs allowed. Chipper Jones came to bat with the bases loaded and smashed a ball to deep center, Victorino got to the ball but turned the wrong way and the ball bounced off his glove allowing three runs to score.

Phils lose 6-3

Mood annoyed because this game would have been much different if Victorino catches that ball. One very pleasant and big surprise was seeing Bastardo pitch 2 innings while striking out six consecutive braves.

Record 5-2

GAME 8 - Phils/Braves

Oswalt's second start, close game is 3-2 into the seventh when the Phils break it open with 5 runs then cruise to a 10-2 killing.

This was a catchers day for the Phils as Brian Schneider got his first hit that also happened to be a home run and Ruiz came in to pinch hit with the bases loaded and knocked one out for a grand slam, his career first. Ruiz added another RBI for a total of five off the bench.

Shane Victorino throws in a four hit day and the Phils total 15 hits.

Win 10-2.

Mood is good, very happy with the results so far but I am surprised that of the first seven games with the two loses that they came from Hamels and Lee. Oh also that they continue to score double digit runs and I think three or maybe four players already have 4 hit games.

Also it was a saturday and I met up at Reales with Dennis, Karen Steve May, Rick and Bill Brehant and my brother Nick.. So it was a good day, we watched the Phils play a great game and later we watched the Flyers clinch second lace with a win over the Islanders

Record 6-2

GAME 9 - Phils/Braves

Welcome back Cole Hamels, he pitches a great game with seven shut out innings, completely dominating the Braves and besting Derek Lowe.

At least one friend was very concerned about Hamels and went as far as claiming he would stink this year, but after one start I wasn't ready for any of that. He dropped his era from over 25 to under 6.

Phils win 3-0

Mood, feeling very good after seeing Cole pitch such a great game, love the 10-2 games but seeing these guys pitch a dominating game like this is what we are watching this team for this season.

Record 7-2

GAME 10 - Phils/Nationals

Jason Werth against the Phils for the first time and gets a double and a homer as Blanton stinks it up again, 6 innings and five more earned runs, ugh.

Plenty of cheers for Werth on his first at bat and in the outfield, but enough boos to be heard.

Of the thirteen thousand people at the game, twelve thousand must have been Philly fans.

Bastardo still hasn't given up a run.

Phils lose another opener this time 7-4

Mood is extremely irritated because I want Blanton to disappear.

Record 7-3

GAME 11 - Phils/Nationals

Ten games in I wanted to do a little update on some of the other teams around the league.

Braves are 5-7

Mets are 4-7

Texas is 9-1

Yankees are 6-4

Rockies are 8-2

The Giants are at 6-6

Somehow Boston is 2-10

Ok the Phils have Halladay in his third start.

It's just a marvel to see him pitch so far this season. He looked no hitter-ish for the first 8 innings this game, he did give up two hits and looked like he was going to get another easy win.

Phils up 3-0 headed ,into the ninth but Roy got himself into trouble in the bottom of the inning.

One out and runners on the corners brought Charlie out of the dugout. Halladay convinced

Him that he could finish the game. After giving up a hit to make it 3-2 he struck out Stairs and Pudge on six straight pitches. Game over.

Phils take it 3-2

Mood the ninth was shaky but I don't care. Watching Halladay pitch is like back in the old days watching Carlton pitch.

Record 8-3

GAME 12 - Phils/Nationals

So Cliff Lee likes to take a cab To games on the road, ok today on the way in they hit some traffic and I guess he didn't get there until only 2 hours before game time. Oops.

This is going to become redundant, I hope, Lee was amazing. At one point late he struck out five in a row, walked a batter then struck out 2 more. Ended with twelve K's.

Did I mention he was brilliant?

Nat's pitcher Jordan Zimmerman wasn't so bad either. He pitched perfect after five. Ruiz led off the sixth with a home run and that would be all the Phils would need.

They ended up with four runs in the end including Jimmy Rollins first RBI of the season.

Lee pitches a complete game three hit shut out, giving them for the first time in 12 years two complete games in a row. Hard to believe It was that long ago.

Paul Byrd and Curt Schilling.

Phils win 3-0

Mood is sky high, anticipation for the next game is at a 10.

Record 9-3.

GAME 13 - Phils/Marlins

Friday April 15th it's two weeks into the season and other then one bad start each for Hamels and Lee, we're right about we they are expected to be, rolling along and in first place.

Tonight it's Oswalt's third go.

Starts off good again, Phils get two in the first, Fish get one in their half of the fifth and we get one back bottom five.

So it's 3-2 after six but top of the seventh see Oswalt leave the game with a back strain. Looks like he might have done it running out a ball the previous inning.

Uh oh. Anyway J. C. Romero sees one batter and gives up a hit off his glove that wuld have been an out if he doesn't try to jump and catch it.

Baez comes in walks a guy, gives up a hit to load them up.

Next is Greg Dobbs. But does Manuel bring in Bastardo who hasn't given up a run and pitch to pinch hitter Helms or leave in Baez. He leaves him in, Dobbs gets a hit to knock in two giving the Marlins a lead they wouldn't give up.

Phils lose 4-3

Mood is down as usual after a lose, but there is no word on the injury to Oswalt yet. Even as good as they are I feel miserable after each lose.

Besides Josh Johnson who should get a no hitter at some point and the right fielder whose name a can't remember, who do the Marlins have?

Record 9-4 First place 1 game up on the Marlins

Game 14 - Phils/Marlins Saturday April 16th

Rained out rescheduled for a day/night for June 15th.

Hamels was supposed to pitch today and Blanton tomorrow, so I’m hoping, as is everyone but Joe Blanton, they’ll skip his start tomorrow and go with Cole Hamels.

Right now the Mets are losing game one of a doubleheader at the Braves and will start game two shortly.

Game 14 - Phils/Marlins Sunday April 17th

Was out today so I watched the game on delay on the dvr.

Hamels started today but they just pushed back everyone so Blanton will not miss a start, to bad.

It was a nice day today if not a little chilly from the wind.

Paused the game a lot because I was in and out of the yard picking things out of the grass and cooking some chicken on the grill.

This game was more like what most people are expecting to see this year. Even though Polanco

Hit a homer and they scored two in the first, they only had eight hits and couldn’t get a rally going.

Hamels pitched out of trouble a couple times but he had his change up working great and used his curve all a few times too.

Ryan Howard had a bloop hit and scored the winning run but he’s in his typical slump where he isn’t hitting anything in the air and is grounding out.

So Hamels pitched another great game giving up two earned and lowering his era down to 4.39.

Madson gets the win with a strong 8th, Contreras gets the save his third and both Madson and Contreras still have a 0.00 era.

The ninth was a little rough, Contreras walked the leadoff guy then Helms bunted him over. Greg Dobbs grounds out, runner to third and the next guy walks, but Infante grounded to Polanco to end the game.

This was Contreras’ first save with the game closer then 2 runs so maybe the pressure got to him.

Anyway they won and I expect plenty of games just like this one, needing the starter to hold the other team to under 3 runs.

Mood is level because it wasn’t an exciting game but typical of what to expect this season.

Record 10-4 first place 2 games up on the Marlins

GAME 15 Phils/Brewers April 18th

It's 11:15 pm and the game just ended. I started watching late because I watched the Flyers beat the Sables 4-2 to take a 2-1 lead In That series.

I thought the turning point was in the 9th inning, they're down 3-2, Ruiz has a leadoff walk and is bungee to second. Pete Orr singles him in.  
Victorino works a full count but strikes out on a eye high fastball, Polanco walks and if Shane walks the bases are loaded with one out. Rollins gets to 3-0 but pops up on a 3-1 pitch. 

Kendrick comes in to pitch the twelfth and immediately blows up. He Waldo the leadoff and on the sac bunt wings the ball into left field. First and third no outs.

Brewers get three to get a 6-3 lead.
Victorino gets a leadoff hit, Polanco makes an it then Rollins walks. Tying run is now Ryan Howard but he just lines out to the SS and Francisco  ends his 0-6 night by flying out to left

Phils lose 6-3

Mood I'm not surprised because this really is what we where told this team would be. Good pitching but not so good hitting. That's what this game was. 
Blanton made it through 7 only giving up 2 runs, great job. But the Phils couldn't get clutch hits.
shane strikes out in a key spot and Howard hasn't homered in 5 games. 
Madson stunk in the ninth gave up his first run, J.C. Romero looked good but got hurt again. Has he fallen apart since he stopped using the cream?
Bastardo and Contreras still haven't given up a run.
For the fourth straight series they lost the first game.
Halladay tomorrow

Record 10-5

Game 16 Phils/Brewers April 19th

Roy Halladay doesn't have great stuff today, he is missing his spots and Tim McClelland is behind the plate. He has a notoriously small strike zone and its hurting Halladay more then Randy Wolf.
It's three zip brewers in the 6 th and the Phils only have 2 hits off Wolf so far.

Halladay gets pulled with two out in the 7th. Herndon comes in and on his second pitch gives up a 3 run bomb. Why did they waste an entire season keeping this guy on the roster last year?
6 runs charged to Halladay.  
Ok Herndon walks the next guy and then gives up a hit in comes Zagurski who was called up for Romero.

Ok well for now I'm switching over to the hockey game to see if the Hawks get swept out by the Canucks.

Oops looks like my tv is broken, I smelled burning plastic earlier tonight and now the tv only stays on for about a minute then shuts off with a red light on the front panel.

Mood, tv is broke, Phils lost two in a row, day game next so inconvenienced is the feeling for now.

Loss 9-0

Record 10-6

Game 17 Phils/Brewers April 20th

I didn't watch the game live today, we were out all day. I'm wearing a Phils t-shirt today and while in Target someone started asking me where something was, "sorry I don't work here." 
In borders a woman asked me if I heard the score and had to tell her I was recording it so don't tell me the score, she said the last she heard was that it was 1-0. Hello I just said don't tell me, don't people listen?

Anyway after we got home I started watching and here in the sixth inning the Phils have one hit until the sixth when they got another hit and have first and third one out.

What I can say is this guy pitching for the Brewers is another junk ball pitcher.
He looks very similar to Jim Kaat, with no wind up at all. Looks like a knuckleballer.

Ok after the first and third Polanco hit a three run shot to tie the score at three.
So after six it's 3-3.

Funny play in the third inning, Ryan Braun popped up to right and Valdez dropped it, Braun should have been n second but he didn't run it out and stayed on first.
A couple pitches later is a drive to the alley and Braun runs right through the third base coach and is barely safe at home. There was a great camera shot on the coach and the look of dismay on his face as Braun runs past him.

So Cliff Lee didn't have a great game but he had a good game, good enough to give the Phils a chance to win. They did.
Victorino hit a bomb into the Phils bullpen, the back bullpen. Put them up 4-3.
Madson got out of a little jam in the eighth and Contreras closed it out in the 9th.

Mood is indifferent  as I wasn't really into the game today, the offense was anemic again except for one inning when they bunched a few hits in a row with the home run and a couple of baserunners  after the homer.  

Win 4-3 still in first a half game in front of the Marlins. 

Record is 11-6 

Game 18 Phils @ Padres April 21st at San Diego 

A before game note, the Marlins beat the Pirates and are tied 
with the Phils at 11-6.

late game 10:00 start
That was a rough one, I was tired but stayed with the entire game.
Oswalt was great, was his first game after leaving his last one wi back stiffness.
He was great, 6 innings, 2 walks only one hit, coming with two outs in the sixth. 
Howard struck out 4 times and had a chance to tie the nine inning record of five but he only dribbled out in his last ab.
He is 0-9 with nine K's and one walk lifetime against Latos. 

Phils still can't get 3 or four hits in a row and only had one good inning again and left over 12 men on base. 

Bastardo and Contreras still no runs given up. 

Mood is tired after a dull late game. 
Win 3-0 
Streak is 2 wins
Record 12-6

Game 19 Phils @ Padres  April 22nd

another west coast night game but I'm more awake then last night after watching the Flyers blow game five to the Sabres on ot.

I forgot to mention that yesterdays game marked the debut of the giant golf club on the left field foul pole. Anyway......

So far here in the seventh the Phils have 5 hits two of them are Ryan Howard and two other are Cole Hamels.
Howard hit a two run triple in the third that might have been three RBI's if Hamels wasn't picked off first right before two walks then the triple. 

Cole has a 2 hitter after seven and no one is warming up.

Unless Raul gets a hit in next ab he will be under .200 at this point in the season. He's been sticking out or dribbling to second base. 
Rollins is 2 for his last 25. 

They have been showing clips  of Utley running in the field before games the last few days and hinting that he could be back sometime in May. 

The Padres have some decent pitching but they have as much trouble hitting as the Phils.
This is  what the Phils will need, starter to go eight, only give up one or two and sometimes zero and hope they can score a few runs.
This is what they are.

Cole had four pitches working, even his curve was good tonight.
Contreras is not available so it'll be Madson closing tonite. 
Madson was wild, bouncing one 3 feet in front of the plate and nearly throwing 2 to the back stop still gets the 1-2-3 ninth for the save.
Phils already have five team shut outs in just 18 games, first time since 1913 they have done that.

Mood tonight is relaxed in spite of the hitting troubles they continue to have. 

Win 2-0
Streak 3 wins and 2 shut outs in a row
Record 13-6 more wins then the 12 they had in April last season, tied with 3 teams for best record and .684 winning percentage

Game 20 Phils @ Padres 4-23 

The Padres have 4 guys in the starting line-up batting under .200 and the Phils have Ibanez who is getting close to .170.
Does it matter, no because after they're being outhit 8-4 in the eighth.

Blanton shockingly pitched seven innings only letting by two runs.
Ryan Howard has Kd three times already.
I guess him moving closer to the plate hasn't done anything to help.
Danys Baez pitched a 1-2-3 eighth and has been a million times better then last year so far this season.

Ryan howard ended up with four K's but after Rollins was intentionally walked to get to him, Howard hit a deep drive to the wall in left that Ludwicke should have caught but took a messed up rout to the ball and never caught it.
2 runs score, Madson comes in and gets a save.
Bastardo stuck out the side in the ninth and looked great.
Phils are 21-4 at Petco park and have Beaton the padres 10 times in a row.
First four game win streak. 

Mood is good I'm even feeling good about Blanton who only gave up two runs.

Win 4-2 in eleven
Streak four wins season high
Record 14-6 Tied with Colorado  for best record. 

Game 21 Phils @ Padres 4-24

This was a great day to watch sports in Philadelphia. 
The Sixers where trying to not get swept by Miami, the Sixers won and scored the last ten points to hold off the Heat for one more game.

The Flyers also where trying to keep from being knocked out by Buffalo.
Lavelette started Leighton and it was a mistake. He stunk, gave up 3 in the first period and had them down 3-1 after one.
Boucher took over and held them to just one more goal and the Flyers came back twice, once from 3-1 and once from 4-3 to win in overtime.
Very thrilling and I'm still pretty hyped up.

The there was the Phils.
Ho hum Roy Halladay pitching today after giving up 6 in his last start.
He was back to normal allowing only one hit after eight.
The Phils had three runs, the third was a Victorino inside the park home run.
 Halladay was awesome, had a career high 14 K's and struck out 6 of 7 at one point. 
Lost the shut out in the ninth but he was gassed by then so Bastardo came in for a one pitch save.

Mood is hyped with the three for three today all the teams winning.

Win 3-1
Streak five straight wins and 11 straight at San Diego.
Record 15-6

Game 22 Phils @ Diamondbacks 4-25-2011

The good thing is that Cliff Lee is pitching, the bad thing is they still aren't hitting.
Lee had one walk and 12 strikeouts o,y gave up 5 hits in seven innings but two where over the fence and he gave upmarket few hits in the sixth and left the game trailing 4-0. 
That's how it ended. 
They ended with only three hits, two by Polanco and one that should have been an error for Rollins.
Victorino, Rollins and Howard each struck out twice.
Arizona just finished being swept in a four game series by the Mets.
Lee is now 2-2 and has an era over 4

Mood is bored to death by this team. The
Only thing keeping me tuned in tonight was Cliff Lee in spite of the four runs he still pitched well  enough to get a win. 

Lose 4-0
Streak 1 loss
Record 15-7