Game 28 National @ Phils   May 2nd

After tonight they are 17-0 when leading after 8 innings.

Jason Werth returned to the, (I almost said Vet) city for the first time since leaving.
He got a smattering of boos but then it quickly became a standing ovation and he tipped his cap twice to the fans.
Then came the first pitch and Werth was now the enemy and is no longer thought of as a Phil again.

Jimmy rollins was leadoff tonight for the first  time this season. He had two hits and an RBI. Shane had two hits and Howard had another RBI. 
But the big news is that Raul Ibanez finally got a hit after going 0-35. 
He actually had two hits and an RBI to raise his average up to .168

38 innings six earned runs, that's what Cole has done since the first start which was was 2.2 innings six runs and and era of over 25.
His era is now 2.66
Hamels did it all this game, he had two hits, his first triple, scored the first run in the game pitched a complete game and nearly had a shut out. Dominating.

So Werth was 0-3 with a walk and a stolen base and that was it.
The Phils had 12 hits and are ten games over 500 again.

Liriano on the Twins threw a six walk no hitter against the White Sox tonight

Win 4-1
Streak 1 win

Record 19-9 first place half game pending The Marlins game still in progress