Game 29 Nationals @ Phils May 4th

At the start of tonights game I tuned into the Flyers first to see how they'd  do. Currently they are down 2-0 with the Bruins and losing 2-0 in this game after one.
So back to the Phils. 
Looks like Rollins is now the leadoff hitter for good again.
Vance Worley gets the start. He has his own group in the stands, Worleys Warriors, but they are dressed as Russian Cossacks, hmmm.

Worley is pitching pretty good again. Just two hits after four innings.
Polanco might have hurt his foot after sliding in hard to break up a double play.
Howard grounded the ball to second on a 3-0 count. 

Well fifth inning Raul homered halaluha. 

Then with one out a base runner. Worley doesn't get the bunt down but he does drop a ball into left for a hit.
After they load the bases Polanco hits a sac fly for a third run but Howard lines into the shift with the second baseman in right field. 

At he end of six innings this game is all about Worley. He struck out Werth and LaRoche twice each and one of those got Riggleman, the Nats manager, thrown out for arguing.
Looks like that worked for LaRoche on his third ab three pitches called for a ball that were right on the outside of the plate allowing LaRoche a chance that he took advantage of by getting an RBI double.
Worley is up over 90 pitches and the inning ends on a great play by Polanco as he grabs a bouncer behind third Ryan digs out Polanco's low throw and gets the runner by a step.

Worley started his career by not giving up a run for 21.2 innings. One more out 
Would have tied a Phils rookie mark of 22 that happened in 1969. 

Worley is out after six, Gload is in to pinch hit for him.
Bases loaded no outs one run in, so Charlie is trying to get more runs to open it up.
Gload is a bit anxious up there swinging at balls way inside and low.
They just need to stay out of the triple play here.
Gload struck out but Jimmy came through with a hit right back through the middle, one run scores everyone moves up a base.

Victorino grounded into what should be a double play but the ball got past LaRoche and two more runs come in. That's it for the inning. 7-1.

JC Romero is back and to make room they finally sent Herndon out to triple A.
The last out was a grounder to Howard who just caught it and stepped on the bag but for some reason MaCarthy said it was Julio Franco, over my head I don't get it.

Mood Is great because these guys just keep winning. They toss a rookie in there and he almost matches something that hasn't happened since 1969 by not giving up an earned run in almost 22 innings.
They ended April 9-4 both at home and on the road.
Six with the Braves next week wrapping around three with the Fish so it will be a good measure.

Last year on this date they were 16-11.
14-11 on '09
19-15 in '08
14-17 in '07

Tonight was a  7-4 win so....

Streak 2 wins
Record 20-9 season high eleven over .500 tied with Indians for best record and one full game ahead of the Marlins

Sellout 139 straight