Sunday, September 18, 2011

Game 151 Cards @ Phils

Ok I know the clinched playoffs and everything else so what I'm looking at is the starting pitching.
Hamels started tonight and I already don't like it.
Gave up a hit then a tremendous bomb to Pujols.
That ball went past the could pole in left and right into the corner of the upper deck. It would have gone past the Gulf sign if it didn't hit the upper deck.

These next two weeks watching the Phils are going to be brutal.
They have hit into three double plays in four innings.

Hamels has been pretty awful the last two starts including tonight.
He just gave another two run homer this one with an 0-2 count.
So It's four to nothing.

It ended up being 5-0.
They obviously still were nursing hangovers although the only two Phils not in the game were Howard and Ruiz.

The disappointing aspect is that Hamels had another bad game so that's two in a row.

If they lose tomorrow that will be the only four game series loss this season.

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