Sunday, September 25, 2011

Game 159 Phils @ Mets - Sunday September 25th 2011

Phils are trying to stop the record breaking losing streak today and have Halladay on the mound so it looks like a good bet.

Started great just like yesterday when they got three in the first but couldn't hold it because of Pence's error.

Today the get 3 in the first and one in the 2nd and 3rd and 4 more in the fourth.
Halladay was able make it stand.

Roy pitched 6 inning and only gave up four hits and no runs.
Bastardo pitched to 6 batters in the seventh and after the first strike out couldn't get another out and gave up a ling homer and three runs.

Worley, who is now in the pen got the last two outs and even though he gave up a couple of hits and a run in the eighth I liked what he did out of the pen.
Madson had a shakey 9th to close it out but He needed a great play from Victorino to track down a shot in center to do it.

Halladay finishes 19-6 on the season but because he lost his last start won'y be in the running for the Cy Young.

Phils now head into a three game series with the Braves who need to win two minimum to at least tie for the wild card spot and the Cards need to win all three against the Astros.
The Braves have a 1 game lead for the wild card.

Phils get 19 hits today. Pence had three, Rollins with three. Carlos Ruiz had four hits and raised his average to .290.

There is still a lot of concern about Bastardo, he struck out the first guy and that was it.
Wheels said there may have been some pitch tipping to the other team but I think he is just not locating.

99 wins, three more for the team record.

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