Sunday, September 25, 2011

Games 152-159

I haven't posted anything since the day after they Clinched the division and since then the Phils have played at a record breaking pace. The record they broke isn't one I expected though.

Over the last 8 games they have lost all 8.
This produced at least two records that I became aware of.
Most Losses in a row after clinching the division or the league. Previous record was 5 losses in a row, now the record is eight.
Most consecutive losses after winning 98 games, now at eight.

Most of these were lost because they stopped scoring runs.
They Lost 3 of 4 to the Cards and all four to the Nationals. So after not losing a four game series all season they lose two in a row.
Also included in this are two day/night double header sweeps curtesy of the Mets and Nats.

Yesterday they lost because Pence Dropped a fly all that led to 5 un-earned runs in the inning.
They found all types of ways to lose.

They are stuck on 98 wins and now need to win the last 4 to set the team record for most wins in a season.

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