Saturday, October 1, 2011

Playoffs - game 1 - Cardinals @ Phillies

Earlier this summer Holly and I were given tickets to go to a NASCAR race today so we weren't going to cancel that so we went.
It was a lot of fun and probably the loudest sound ever heard was after the race started.

We finally got home about three hours after game time.

As usual Halladay gives up a leadoff hit to Furcal, Then a one out walk to Pujols.
Halladay's first pitch to Berkman hit the front of the upper deck and it's three to zip after one half.

I have to admit that since I recorded the game I couldn't resist skipping forward until I saw something good happen.
Finally they scored a run in the fourth after Lohse was perfect through three the got a couple base runners for Victorino.
He popped a foul ball behind third base that was dropped for an error so Victorino got another chance and he came through, a single and an RBI. Phils are on the board.

Phils go in order the next inning but really broke it open in the sixth.
Rollins cued one up the middle for a single, after Utley struck out Pence singled. First and second for Howard.
He had a great ab. He foiled a bunch of change ups before Lohse missed a spot and gave Howard one up in the zone that Ryan put into the first row of the upper deck. Ryan dropped his bat and admired his work for a split second before making his way around the bases.

That was gonna be about all they would need but they still weren't done.
After another runner gets on Ibanez hit the sign in front of the upper deck in right, now it's 6-3 Phils.

In the seventh they loaded them up with no outs but after Pence dribbled one for a force at home it look like they might not get much more but Howard hit a sac fly and a couple more hits knocked in two more runs for a 9-3 lead.
Two more in the eighth and it's 11-3, game over.
While all that is going on Halladay gave up another leadoff hit in the second but that's when he put the hammer down and retired the next 21 batters he faced.
I'm not sure why but Manual took him out and used Stutes to start the ninth. That didn't work so well.
Stutes gave up three hits only got one out before Manual pulled him for Madson.
Stutes was charged with three runs but two of them came after Madson came in and gave up a double that let the second two runs in. Ryan Madson gave up that hit but struck out the next two including Matt Holliday to finish it up.

The Phils scored five in the fifth to tie a team record and had 14 hits also a playoff team record.

Ryan Howard had a home run and four RBI's. He had zero of each through two rounds last season.

Everyone had a hit except Ruiz and Polanco.

Teams that win game one are 47-17 but on the other hand, teams losing game one who win game two are 13-11.

Great win tonight and the Phils make a statement and tell everyone they aren't just a team of pitchers.

Ten more.

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Jeannie said...

I think Charlie should have gone right to Madsen and skipped Stutes. Although you know Charlie always giving everyone a chance to play.

You know you are not a redneck when nascar hurts your ears!hahaha