Friday, October 7, 2011

Playoffs, the NL Division Series - Game 5- Cards @ Phils

The Phils have to win tonight.
It will be a terrible end to the season if they lose. The 102 wins will mean NOTHING.
Not winning and having Cliff Lee pitch in only one game will be a gigantic disappointment.
Anyone can complain all you want about Ryan Howard for the terrible series he has had after game one, but you can look right at Lee for the awful game two in which he coughed up a four run lead.
Roy Halladay is a world class future hall of fame pitcher. I expect him to pitch that way tonight.

Here we go again. hallway gets behind Furcal and he smacks a triple.
He should have been out but Victorino missed the first cutoff.

Not the ideal start, and He's not getting the call on the outside corner.
Shoemaker doubles and it's already 1-0.
Pujols plops a ball that drops in front of Utly but Shoemaker holds up at second then on a delaynruns to third but Utley threw him out at third.
A wild pitch sends Pujols to second.
Already three runners get in scoring position.
Over 20 pitches already too.

Now on a foul ball Berkman is sent to first because his follow through catches Ruiz glove.

This is going to be a tough uphill game for them to win.

He is struggling in The first inning.

The Brewers just won their game in The tenth inning so they move on to the winner of this game.

Halladay struggling in the first inning all the time just doesn't make sense to me.
The strike zone is very tight for him especially the low corners.
Phils go in order in their half.

Howard leads off the second by swing at the first pitch. It was what they call a back footer. A curve or slider that goes right toward the batters back foot. He missed it by a mile then grounds out.

It's a shame the way he is playing in this series.

This team was at their best after getting Pence and putting him behind Howard. I know Polanco can't hit right now but I still want to see Pence moved back there from the three spot.
Victorino doubled after Howard grounded out but Ibanez popped up for the second out.
Polanco who is killing the bottom of the lineup weakly grounded out.

Ruiz just flied out and now he is 1-15 in this series.
Rollins needs to pop one out.
Nope he didn't run it out because he thought it was foul and now the team is getting booed.

Halladay is pitching great now, why doesn't he do this in the first inning.

Utley leads off the fourth with a hit by pitch but then Pence grounds into a force out.
Howard tries to get ahead and swings at the first pitch. It wasn't a bad pitch to it but Howard jammed himself and hump back liner to second that Pence was way off the back and almost got doubled up?

Ok Shane singles and sends Pence to third for Ibanez.
They just need to get more then one or two hits in a single inning, now is the chance to do it.

Not this inning. Raul got toma full count but he flied a ball that was a coup,e feet short of the wall in right, three outs.

Another odd play in the Cards half of the fifth. Lead off hit for stinking Nick Punto. Carpenter tries to bunt with two strikes but it bounces right in front of the box. Ruiz grabs it before it can go foul and throws to second for one out, carpenter never moved so Rollins walked a bit towards first and tossed over for the dp.

It's hard for me to see it because they're losing and because I'm watching this game with a rooting interest but I imagine this is a great game to watch from an outsiders perspective.

Despite the rotten first inning Halladay has only given up one run and has kept the Phils in it.

Carpenter has had a really good curve tonight and we all know how tough it is for the Phils to hit curve balls.

They look defeated in the dugout. No one is looking like they are excited or anything.

Ok Utley gets on after Rollins grounds out in the sixth inning. It's getting late they better do something real soon.

Oh my goodness, Utley is called out on a super close play trying to steal second. Would it kill TBS to show a replay on that to give us a closer look.

Pence grounds out. They don't look like The champion team they are supposed to be.

Nine outs for the Phils to score some runs or it's all over.

I changed the channel and will go with only the radio broadcast until the Phils get runs or the game is over.

Howard swings 3-0 to lead off the seventh and lines out. Why, WHY is he swinging 3-0? That is shocking.
They go in order, six outs left.

Carpenter leads of the eighth with a hit.

Furcal bunts and Ruiz tried to throw to second but it was a bad throw and now first and second no outs.

This is going to be about it if they score.

They bunt again and apparently there was a play at third but Polanco throws to first for the first out. They walk Pujols to have a force at any base to get to Berkman.

This is just sad.
The fans are trying to get loud but with the rally towel thing it's got to be hard to be really loud.

He strikes out Berkman and now Matt Holliday.

He gets Holliday to fly out. There is still a chance. Two inning left.
Polanco grounds a weak ball to short for then third time tonight.

Furcal robs Ruiz, he dove and knocked down a hit up the middle and threw out Ruiz.

Gload swings and misses a a third strike but it was in the dirt and the throw to first pulls Pujols off the bag.

In what is probably Jimmy Rollins last ab as a Phillie he hits a ball back through the middle. It hit Carpenter in the leg and ounces to the second baseman and he throws Rollins out by a step. Three out left.

Gload batted for Halladay so I guess Madson will come in for the ninth.

THis it it the bottom of the ninth, Utley, Pence and Ryan Howard.

Utley killed a ball that went all the way to the fence just in front of the bullpen but John Jay ran it down. Two left.

Pence grounds out. One left.
Larry Andrson is trying to keep it positive but. It just doesn't help.

Howard grounds out to Nick Punto as he fell down running to first and seems to have really hurt himself.

Chris Carpenter out pitched Roy Halladay.
Ruiz and Polanco were 3-35 for the series. Cliff Lee choked up a four run lead in game two. Oswalt stunk in game four.

I didn't expect the season to end this way. I don't want to feel this way but I can't help to feel like it's the same old Phils, still.

See you next year, again.

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