Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Playoffs, the NL Division Series - Game 4 - Phils @ Cards

Today's game starts out Greta for the Phils.
Rollins leads off with a double that the center fielder couldn't see.
Utley hits triple to core Rollins. Pence singles in Utley.
The bad is that Howard strikes out looking on a hit and run that Pence was called out on even though he was safe. So after three hits and two runs is two really quick outs.
Victorino popped out to left for the third out.

In the bottom of the first Roy Oswalt finally gets the leadoff hitter out on a strike out. A single was next but after a long ab Pujools popped up.

The Cards put Matt Holliday in the game today even though he has a bad finger. They said the finger will be completely numb.

Berkman just smoked a ball that hit the wall in right center, it bounced right to Victorino but when he tried to catch it and throw it his right foot slipped and Shane dropped the ball allowing Berkman to get to third. Holliday grounds out.

That was a crazy first inning, especially with that fall down thing Victorino did. He was charged with an error on that but he slipped on the ground, should that be an error?

I just hope the Phils don't go to sleep now after the first three batters all get a hit.
It's about to be a quick second inning for the Phils hitters. I think they saw less then 10 pitches, so here it goes.

Oswalt walks Berkman to lead off the fourth then hits Holliday on the elbo.
This can't happen with the Phils hitters in hibernation.
Just went 2-0 to Molina, he looks like he lost it.
Molina just drove a liner out to Pence that he came in on then had to run straight towards the wall to catch.
Freeze lines a ball down the third base line into the corner that scores Holliday from first. How is that possible, he can't run. What is going on here, how does he lose it like this after cruising the first three innings?

You really have to have expected more from Oswalt especially against the bottom of the Cards lineup.

Oswalt won't last six innings tonight. They'll have to pinch hit for him anyway because they're losing.
This pitching is supposed to be the Phils strength but it really hasn't been in this series. They have had 2 out of four games that are good with Hamels and the last seven innings from Halladay after he gave up three in the first.

If they can keep it to only one run the Phils surely have a chance to win this game.

Polanco and Ruiz still only have one hit each.

Polanco singles but Ruiz swings at the first pitch and now one out for Oswalt who can't hit so he be bunting.
Bunts him to second but Rollins grounds out. Jimmy has two hits today but what happens after the first? They should be making adjustments but they get worse as the game goes on.

Winning this game would have allowed them to set up the rotation for the next round, now it looks like they will lose the rotation matchup in the next round if they get there.
They said on the radio that Cliff Lee would probably come in today in relief.

I've switched to trying to synch up the radio broadcast with the tv so I don't have to listen to Bob Brenly .

This game is messed up. A squirrel just ran literally right accross the plate as Oswalt through a pitch. The pitch was a curve right down the middle but called a ball. This crew is terrible I wish I knew how they picked the crews for these games.
A good recovery inning, Cards down in order in spite of the squirrel.

Finally in the sixth they are taking pitches. Utley walked and Pence is looking at pitches, although he did foul back a hanging curve and hit a bouncer just missing going over third base.

They need to bunch a few hits in a row.
The Phils are playing very strange in this game.
Pence grounds to short but Utley keeps going to third on the throw to first. Pujols comes off the bag and throws Utely out at third. He went really hard into the bag and the glove and is lucky if he didn't get hurt.
Howard gets to 3-0 then swing and fouls it off. Swings and misses on the next pitch. Flies out after that.

Victorino up and dribbles to second base. I'm shutting this down until the game is over. Getting too aggravated. This is looking like last playoffs all over again.

Phils managed to get another run but not because of any hitting they did. Utley hit the first base bag so a funny hop gets him on then a wild pitch scores Martinez. The end.

Howard has been just ridiculously awful this series. Four RBI's in game one and two to start game two and he hasn't gotten a hit since and he struck out again late in the game as the tying run. Awful.

This really is last year all over again.

Hallway better pitch a shut out tomorrow or that's all folks.

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