Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Playoffs, the NL Division Series - Game 3- Phils @ Cards

I don't like the way the game started.
Phils go in order in the first. In the Cards first Pujols gets a two out double then Berkman hit by pitch.
Hamels strikes out Freese to end it.

Howard leadsoff he second by striking out and swinging at two pitches that were up around his neck.
They go in order again.

Cards get another hit in their second with one out.

Not liking this.

Game has gone mostly as expected. No score after four and the Phils only have two hits. Ryan Howard has looked silly on his two strike outs.
The Cards have three hits, two walks and a hit batter.

If the game contiues in this way I think it benefits the Cards more than the Phils.
Garcia is right around the plate so I guess that's why the Phils are swinging at most pitches.

Top of the sixth, still no score. The Phils got a two out hit from Utley, then they walked Pence to get to Howard. Hmm.
Makes sense I guess since Howard has looked pretty nad so far against Garcia.

He's still swinging at bad pitches in this ab, and he grounds out to first.
Garcia threw a first pitch fastball but it was on the outside part of the that he took for a ball, then he swings at a curve off the plate.
The third pitch was another curve way off the plate that he dribbled to Pujols.
This is going to be a shut out for one team.

The sixth might be it for Hamels because he is over 100 pitches now and he just gave a two out hit then a walk.
Worley is just now getting up up the bullpen.
He might have pitched around a little because the Cards pither is up.

The Phils have given up hits to pitchers in these spots this year, so I'm a little nervous.
Cole is up near 120 pitches now so this will be his last batter.
Got him swinging.
That will be it for Cole.

Eight strike outs but three walks and a hit batter got his pitch count way up in only six innings.

Garcia has thrown only 74 pitches after six innings

Victorino almost pulled a boner there. Mayberry popped out to short right and Victorino faked going to third but was almost out on the throw back in. Jeez.
He led off with a single and moved over on a passed ball but Polanco is uo and he just cannot hit at all.
He grounds to third, shane had to stay on second. Ruiz up.

Walking Ruiz to the pinch hitter, Ben Francisco? I guess that's who they have as a right hander off the bench, depressing.

He usually pops up.
This is it right here if they don't score this is going to be bad with only two innings left and the Phils into the bullpen already.

OMG he hit a three run home run. OMG wow. Holy Crap.
I sooo did not see that happening.

Well they had Worley up I wonder if they bring in Lidge now.

Rollins doubled next. They were playing him very shallow. Utley grounds out so that ends the inning but man what a surprise from Francisco.

Worley is in, gets the first out but then walks the next guy and Pujols is up.
Worley isnt missing by much. Pujols breaks his bat and bloops a cheap hit over Utley's head, crap.
That's fine but walks seem to always come back to bite you and the Cards ar right in the meat Of their order. Berkman up now with two on one out.

Force at second so on the corners now with two out.
He really jammed him on that pitch, really good job on Berkman.
Freese is up, Hamels struck him out three times.

First pitch right down the middle, breaking ball for an RBI. Still two on for Molina.
He hasn't gotten a hit yet and has an 11 game streak in the playoffs.
The strike zone is a little tight for Worley.

Got him, Worley gets Molina to jam himself on an inside pitch pops up to right.

I was just saying to myself why is Worley still in there. He gave up a hit to Theriot who now has four hits. But why leave Worley in there, just bring in the eighth inning guy. I'm not exactly sure who that would be these days, but looks like Bastardo is in first. Lately it's been Lidge.

This game was pretty slow going for the first six innings but the last two have been racking my nerves to pieces.

One out on a pop up. That's is for Bastardo, Lidge in to face Matt Holliday.

I shouldn't be this nervous about the Cards.

Holliday dribbles a ball right through the hole at short. All season I don't think I've seen so many cheap hits from the other team.
Still a chance for a double play though.

I don't know why they would throw anything that far off the plate, make him swing at balls inside because of that bad hand he has.

Furacl drops another bloop hit in right in front of Mayberry in right, now they're bringing in Madson with the bases loaded and one out in the eighth.
This is looking ugly.

They hit into so many double plays, they broke a record this year.
He did it. A liner right at Utley, I couldn't tell if he let it bounce on purpose but it bounced and he got two outs on one play, double play.

Phew, I thought that was a liner into right field for sure. They had Utely in exactly the right place.

Polanco finally got a hit with one out. Then Ruiz hit one to center that was caught just before it hit the ground. I thought it was an out right away but Jerry Meals thought otherwise and called it a trapped ball. The umps huddled and got the call right. Ruiz was out. So back to first for Polanco. Madson strikes out so here we go to the ninth.
Pujols is leading off so a homer the Phiks still lead.

Madson trying for a five out save but Pujols leads off with a double. Now wer're in trouble because Berkman can tie the game.
So Masdson, two pitches and two rockets.

It's tough playing with the lead in this series.

One out, Berkman pops up to Victorino. He got that one off the end of his bat.
I'm pulling my hair out.
He gets to 0-2 on Freese then a pitch that according to the pitch tracker on tv was a high strike, called a ball.

Ok a week ground ball to Utley for the second out. Pujols moves to third.
Molina is trying to continue an 11 game playoff hit streak, he is 0-4.

First hit base hit for Molina right over the middle in front of Victorino. They had him playing very deep to prevent extra base hits. Oh well.
3-2 now, still two outs.

Two first pitch hits this inning and they swung at the first pitch Madsen through in the eighth inning.
They give up so many first pitch hits.
Theriot is up and he is 4-4 but no runs scored or RBI's.

The count is 1-2.

Ground ball to Utley and he throws out Theriot,
Phils win 3-2.

Cole Hamels gets the win and is now has more wins then any other Phillie in post season history with 7.

Wow I can finally breath.

They stole this one. They were out hit and outplayed really This game.
The Phils make the Cards strand 14 runners today. That was an amazing game. I was going crazy watching this game and it's only the third one of the playoffs.

Alright only nine more to go.

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