Sunday, October 2, 2011

Playoffs, the NL Division Series - Cards @ Phils

Jeez can the Phils get the first guy out pleas the next game. Furcal leads off nearly homering opposite field to right but it's a triple as Pence went the wrong way after the ball bounced off the fence.
Then Lee went to work.

He struck out Craig, Popped up Pujols, then Berkman smashed a ball at Polanco who grabbed it and toss out Berkman.

Brilliant, I really though it was going to be a 1-0 start for the Cards.
Great recovery for Lee.
Bottom of the first the Phils get their own ball off the wall in nearly the same spot as Furcal, so Rollins a leadoff double.
Then Carpenter walked Utley and Pence to load them for Howard. He battled for a full count and finally bounced one right up the middle that if Carpenter didn't kick it would have been a double play but it ends up as a two RBI single.
Victorino pops up on the first pitch he sees, sometimes he does some things that don't make sense. No reason to swing at the first pitch there.

Ayway Ibanez follows with a single to drive in Pence.
Polanco hits into a DP but otherwise a great first inning for the Phils. Now it's up to Cliff Lee.

Another first pitch, first batter in the inning hit. Freeze lines one into right for a double. I just don't understand it.

It was this point in last nights game that Halladay shut the Cards down for seven straight innings.

Jerry Meels is behind the plate, so this is going to be a frustrating strike zone.
He just called Molina out on a third strike on a pitch that was in the same spot as the previous pitch that was a ball.

I hope that Lee won't have to work with runners on the entire time he's out there.

Lee gets out of it again.

Phils second starts with Ruiz grounding out and Lee striking out, followed by Rollins smacking another one off the top of the wall For a double.
He steals third as Utley walks again. Pence lines a single into right to knock in Rollins. 4-0 Phils.

After Pence's hit Larussa came to the mound but didn't really say anything to Carpenter, he did give Meels a few choice words.
Don't see that very often without the manager getting tossed.

Cards third has the pitcher leading off so he might get the first batter out.

In the fourth Berkman leads off with a walk so anyone not a pitcher tonight as a leadoff is 3-3.

Bad inning for Lee. After the walk he did get a strike out but then three straight hits that gets two runs for the Cards and now it's 4-2 with second and third and one out.
Also Pence missed a cutoff on a throw in that let's the runner get to second on the throw.

So it'll probably be at least 4-3 at this point.

When Lee goes south it happens fast and all in one inning usually.
They do get three, after Punto struck out Furcal singled. One run scored but Ibanez threw the second runner out at the plate with a perfect one hopper that Ruiz held onto.
I don't know what was going on in that inning with Cliff Lee.

Ok after the Phils go down in order, the cards come back and go down in order. Lee is doing a number on Pujols. Last ab he was throwing all curves, this time he mixed in a couple of fast balls and struck him out looking with one right on the inside corner.

The Cards just tie it up in the sixth. After two outs he gives up a double and a single, but this time Ibanez doesn't make a good throw so he's safe at home then an infield single.
Lee is struggling. Must of the hits a bleeders but they still count.

This will be Lee's last inning.

Lee comes back out for the seventh, I'm surprised. I guess it's either him or the bullpen.
Not surprised that he gives up a triple that should have been caught by Victorino then a single and an RBI then another single to Berkman.

I guess it's not over yet but it sure feels like it is. I do not understand why Lee was allowed to come back out. He was clearly done.

That was all the scoring for the game. I'm good with scoring four runs in this game, not good with Lee giving up five especially after he was spotted four runs.

Bad loss, the misplayed by Victorino was a killer.

So they go to St. Louis tied at 1-1.

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